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ohhh pretty colors!

Does anyone else's gmail now have text formatting? I seem to be the only one so far.

Unless my friends really have it and are just lying to me because they're afraid I'll start sending them emails with hot pink text and bulleted lists.


Here's a screen shot for those who think I'm on drugs.

[click for bigger]


No, no formatting for me. You use firefox too, right?

No formatting here on either IE or Firefox.


nope, none here

I see it.

If your not seeing it try selecting "Rich formatting".

not seeing it, but noticed 2 cool other things...a gmail notifier (lets you know you have mail) and pop access...yes, now you download to outlook!!!!

"Don't see rich formatting in your account? The Gmail Team is excited to announce that, over the next several weeks, we are introducing rich formatting to all of our users. To make sure the feature is fully stable, we're giving users rich formatting in phases. Once this new feature is available to you, a 'New Features!' link appears at the top of your account, along with a 'Rich formatting >>' link in your compose window."

Hahahah I'm first! I'm special!

[puts on Google mind control hat]

Special is right. Special people tend to wear hats.

Gee, you had no problem when I wore this hat.

I'm special.
So special.
Gotta have some of your attention

That's a Male Mind Control hat, michele - not a Google one.

I still say that's a butt-ugly hat, despite the logo. Custom made for special people. And I see you were also wearing the ASV mind control boobies.

Hmm, second picture also needs a [click for bigger]!

No, it doesn't. Trust me on this one.

That's a VERY pretty hat. I always knew you were a fan deep down. :oP

As for the text formatting in Gmail, I heard they were doing it in phases, so I took that to mean that it wouldn't be available to everyone all at once. I think it had something to do with the bugs.

There's a hat in that picture?

Google's a bunch of sneaks. I feel like a friggin crack addict with their stuff. I wish there was an alternative for policy-minded/conscious(sp?) folks.

Sure, you get all the cool stuff.

What hat?

God, I hate the Pretenders. [/OT]

I have the "rich formatting" bar as well. Google has long used selective rollouts to test out new features. Often, they do it based on location or ISP... I hear people on Comcast cable often get to test out the new stuff first. A lot of features are tried this way and just never make it to widescale rollout.

Just logged in to my Gmail. Yeah, I'm down with the sickness.

I have it now, but I didn't when you posted this earlier. Go fig. I guess they like me now.

Yes, but have you heard the really really latest from Gmail???

They are upping the storage to 2Gigs


(got that from my sweeiteheart...that True Blue Gal!)