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I wanted to be tino

I want a do over.

[had to put it in the extended entry because it was screwing up the page]

You scored as Alex Rodriguez. You are ALEX RODRIGUEZ! You're the new kid on the block, just trying to live up to your reputation. You're good, you know it, and everyone that knows you knows it... you just haven't really proved you're "one of the gang" yet. You've got your hopes set on the future, hoping the new year can erase some negative feelings left from the past season.

Alex Rodriguez


Bernie Williams


Tino Martinez


Mariano Rivera


Derek Jeter


Jorge Posada


Which NY Yankee are you?
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Found at the Coalition of the Darkside.

Hey, I'm #2 for Red Sox Hater hat!


I ended up as Tino with Jorge as a close second.

Must have been that question "Do you run like you have 5lbs of shit in your pants" that I answered yes to.

I wound up as Tino. As long as I'm not Giambi, I'm happy.

You smacked too arrogant. The game was loaded for Tino (if you werew not arrogant).
I took it three times...last time, absolute "Screw You" in my answers, I couldn't figure out why the clown didn't include Sheff.

(umm, err,,,)
Yeah, we want a Do Over. WTF? Everyone (check Technorati) come up Tino.

Where did you go wrong?

I'm freaking unique. Ok?

You are DEREK JETER! Loved by all true Yankee fans, respected but hated by most, and just completely unappreciated by Boston fans. You love to win, but most importantly you go after it with all your heart and try to motivate everyone around you to win as well. You are a respected and well-spoken, good looking person who is always getting a lot of attention.

I ended up as Derek Jeter (even though I scored 92% with both him an Arod). What the hell? I like Derek but he's the last Yankee I would have said I was indignant look

I always knew boston fans didnt appreciate me though. :-)

not that unique, i'm an a-rod too.

I think I'm gonna be sick.

Tino as a close second.

You are MARIANO RIVERA! You're the one that people look to end things, save the day, etc. You're also probably the best at what you do... but in small doses of course. You're only human and can only do so much, but regardless you're awesome and OVERALL can perform well under pressure.

Mariano Rivera 79%
Jorge Posada 67%
Alex Rodriguez 54%
Bernie Williams 50%
Tino Martinez 50%
Derek Jeter 46%

I'm a hardcore Nt'l League fan (and a Texan to boot) so I'm not as up on your Yankees I should be. I know the name but not whether Mariano is a head case or not. Can someone tell me- am I a horses ass?

Yes, that's a loaded question- be kind.


From all accounts I've read Mariano is anything but a horse's ass. Besides being one of the best closers - he's a humble unassuming guy - who is liked and respected.

I will SMITE them, if you ask me to to smite them asshaps....

You're Alex Rodriguez! You're Alex Rodriguez! Na na na na boo boo!

Your 'a new kind of music list' post is messing up all the posts before it, not sure you know, looks like problem with tables.

Thanks Angel.

(Runs off to show his wife)

Don't worry, Michele. ARod's going to be one of the gang this year. ;)

Oh, and I was Tino by a large margin.

Thanks, solonor...I needed a reminder....

you will be SMITED before June blooms...

I went to see "Spamalot"last night...i'm gonna be ripe with the smite...