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mmmmm, lunch

Yes, I may be sitting at my desk, but that thing in front of me? That's a salad. Next to that is a drink. Together, those things make lunch. The act of raising my fork and putting the salad into my mouth means I am eating my lunch. This would, one would think, preclude you from talking to me about your son's bowel movements at this particular time. If you were, you know, not an idiot.


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too many people look at a cubicle or desk and think "Captive Audience" rather than "Binder/Stapler/Collater."

Come to think of it, neither of them is that enticing...

Honestly, what's more interesting than the bowel movements of someone else's children? Aren't you just plain intrigued?

What's wrong with you? Don't you know how cute it is? And it shouldn't offend as long as I use a high squeaky excited voice to describe the details, right?

My co-worked went so far at to put a sign on his desk: I'm eating my lunch. Go away.

Helped with most intruders. Still there were the exceptionally slow who didn't Go Away.

I certainly hope said co-worker provided loads of a drama and a sound effect or two. Because if I were you and they didn't, I'd feel like I wasn't getting my time's worth...ya know.

That's why I curse every time I realize I didn't bring a book to work and am stuck eating at my desk.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't realize you were eating lunch..." seems to be the usual response. Then the awaited pregnant pause as they hover expectantly over me, waiting for me to say... "No, it's ok. How can I help you?"

I wonder how some people survive the drive home.

Then again, they're not stupid, they just don't give a damn about anyone else. They are the most important person in their little universe and the god of their realilty must be attended to... because the alternate is too horrible to contemplate. They might have to wait. Egads.

I don't hate people... just the ones around me.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't realize you were eating lunch..."
The correct response to this is "Yes, I am, but I'll come find you as soon as I am done."