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Bottom's Up! It's Blog Cooties Drinking Time!

Today's toast is for people who surround themselves with only those who think and live like they do.

What do you do when someone on your blogroll has a difference of opinion with your? Why, you delink them, of course! Because GOD forbid people of differing opinions be, you know, friends. Damn those cooties, they just won't wash off!

Let me just say, so as to avoid any confusion, that I drink this imaginary beer with gusto and a smile on my face. Because, really, I'd rather not hang with someone who can't stand their buds to not be a hundred perecent like them.

It's all good, anyhow, because I'm going to get my nifty own trash can and start dumping websites that are have animated breaking news gifs and make it FRONT PAGE BREAKING NEWS THAT I DON'T LIKE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE A HEATHEN! You hear that? A HEATHEN! Or Christophobe or whatever someone called me last week. These names get confusing after a while.

Name your poison, Jeff. I'll pour.

You know, I'm thinking of starting up a posse. Not sure what kind of posse it will be, but it will be GOOD. And big. And strong. We'll all have +5 Invincibility.


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Wait, he linked you in the post officially delinking you! Now I'm extra confused. And jealous. I never get delinked or banned or anything. Well, not since AOL banned me for life, but I'm not getting into that.

What is up with people, anyway? I'm getting sick of everyone (present company excluded, of course).

Inspirational Wu Tang lyric of the day:

Do ya wanna getcha teeth knocked the FUCK out?
Wanna get on it like that, well then shout!

It kind of turns me on that you're inspired by Wu Tang lyrics.

Hell, it's turning me on. Let's crank that shit up.

That's quite a fine selection of blogs he...she...they...who now--is dumping. I'd have to think such cutting required copious amounts of whiskey and a bullet to bite on.

HundredPercenter? all that comes to mind is "Sir, if you don't shut up, I'm gonna kick one hundred percent of your ass!"


HundredPercent brainwashed?

I consider Terri's fight for life a seminal moment in American history.

Ha! I'm sure there'll be a whole chapter in the American History texts when my kids are in school...

If this is a seminal moment in America's history, then America is history.

Let me know when America 2.0 is running.

The Terri thing makes me sad, and I've realized I just shouldn't participate in some conversations at this point. But, I'm going to read who and what I want to - even if, gasp, I don't agree with everything they say and write. Makes life a little more interesting.

Wow. I only delink people when they start to bore me.






I de-link you every day, just to be safe.

I think the happy ending I gave myself this morning after my shower was a seminal point in my life....

The degree of self-importance required to write a post like that one by Mr. 100% is staggering. I can't help wondering, though - if keeping people alive in a vegetative state is now the #1 issue facing the country, does that mean gay marriage and abortion will be moving to the back burner? Exactly how many #1 priorities is it possible to have?

I think the public's stunning lack of response to right-wing "leadership" on this issue gives even more credence to the idea that Bush won the election because Kerry was such a lousy candidate - NOT because there's some huge groundswell of support for a right-wing agenda...

LOL, this is like DU calling Jesse Jackson(JESSE FREAKING JACKSON!) a tool of the GOP and a whore.

Lunatics.....can't live with 'em, can't send them to their own island to play Lord of the Flies.....

HA! Join the club! The funny thing is, I didn't touch the subject, so mine is a Crime of Omission. (Or maybe he read my comments on ASV - damn!)

Speaking as someone who has been banned from commenting from a grand total of one website, I think the process involves a moment of "What the Fuck?" followed quickly by a moment of "Well, that guy sure doesn't understand the marketplace of ideas." And then I go on with my life exactly as before.

Don't ever change, except on your own terms.

The beautiful part is that

1) Hundred Percenter's traffic probably spiked big time because you and Jeff G linked to this, and

2) all of the sites so publicly de-linked will probably see big jumps in traffic from people on all sides of the "Terri" issue. If there's one thing the online world likes, it's reasonably unfettered speech.

Jeff P. at BA hasn't blogged about this, but he's commented on it. It says something special about a blogger when they follow a person's comments so closely that they de-link someone based on their remarks at other sites.

Hey cool. He just dumped three of the sites (ASV, littlegreenfootballs, instapundit) which for me are daily reading. Thanks for giving me the additional five sites to check out. Didn't know they existed Jeff, but if you don't like them they appear to have potential.

That guy brings a whole new definition to the word lame.

Just to be safe and make sure I'm not ever linked on his site (I can hope I get that popular, right?), I'm going to go on the record as saying that I totally agree with you. If I were in Terri's situation, I wouldn't want to be kept alive either.

As cliche as it sounds, this situation has gotten my wife and I to think about living wills.

Hmmmm, I should de-link you, just for the traffic spike I'd get, and then relink tomorrow morning. Because, you know, I'm a shameless blog traffic whore like that.

Give 100% credit for irony. He linked your site with his delinking entry.

The 'ironical' thing about this is I seem to recall a certain hubub started by a certain leader of a posse who, about a year ago, did the same thing to another blogger because she took offense to a post she didn't like.................

The link to the NY Post is still up on 100percenter even though they ran an editorial agreeing with all of the linked but delinked sites.

Even though I disagree with you about Terri Schiavo, I am not delinking you from my blog.

Notice, however, that I am pointedly posting to notify you that I am not delinking you. This will make you feel all guilty, and stuff.

If we were married, I wouldn't divorce you, but I'd take your underwear off the shower curtain rod and throw it out in the driveway.

Is HP. Harry potter or HundredPercenter

Wait, Harry Potter has a blog??

And Marble, i laughed. Hard.

Oooooh. You got delinked by someone with ads for automotive air filters and cockroaches running around the joint.


You know, I'm thinking of starting up a posse.

Count me in!

Oh, wait a sec...you said "posse". Drat.

"Starting up a Posse" is a fine Anthrax song.

And I'm not delinking you because you knew that.

"And big. And strong. We'll all have +5 Invincibility."

I'd think that a +1 Bag of Nerdcore-hiphop would be better, but I suppose invincibilty is almost as good.

I am glad you can't filter you readers that way. I am a Democrat, mostly liberal, who likes country music and who thinks the unreality shows (including AI) are just sick voyeurism but I read this blog all day long.

I also hate the Yankees and love the Bosox.

Wow. Just Wow. "seminal" moment? Absolutely! I'm sure high schools across the country are ripping out the Alamo, Louisiana Purchase, and Pearl Harbor to make room for the dramatic change the Schiavo case has brought to America.


Posse? Count me in if we're going after asshats like HP.

look at his average traffic, look at yours.

he "de-linked" big blogs, im sure hoping to get you to link to him in a post.

way to oblige him

Terry Schaivo you say? Slow news month(s) I say. Hate to sound crass, but that's kinda the way I feel about this. At the same time, I say let her live... so I'm obviously confused...

All these retards are making a big stink for the sake of having a stink. The fucking blogosphere is acting more and more like the MSM than ever before. This story simply (IMO) should not be as large as we're making it?

De-linking? What is this, third grade?

What a rank amateur! (I can say that, being one myself.) His front page is a mess: the blogroll has text on top of other text, and all his little animated graphics clutter up everything and strain my eyes.

The best part was this: If he was so damn upset at all those "anti-Terri" blogs, why the hell does he still have a link to The Moderate Voice? Joe Gandelman has hardly been pro-feeding tube. Dumbass can't even properly purge his blogroll of supposed infidels.

I went to his blog, but then I went to the kill terry blog, and damn, that was some funny shit, the guys who held up signs saying dying is for wussies, and the idiots with arrows signs, thought I was gonna hurt myself laughing.

Let me out of High School..


All of you..to the principal's office. NOW!

"All these retards are making a big stink for the sake of having a stink. The fucking blogosphere is acting more and more like the MSM than ever before. This story simply (IMO) should not be as large as we're making it?" -fat kid

Oh the unintentional funny, I'm dying over here.

wakes up...wife's kicks to the head do their stead...

i can't wait for Opening Day. Hand me a Nationite, please...just a little throttling, and a kick in the 'nads....

Posse? Don't you have some feeble coalition going with TC and other assorted bed-wetters?

Sam Adams' are on my tab

HundredPercenter had a blog? Who knew?

He's a wimp anyway. He delinked just a few blogs. I delinked everybody! Bwahahahahaha!

Oy. When I read about public delinkings, I'm convinced we're all still in high school. ;)

Beer me, Chief.

I'll join the posse if I can have +5 Incivility.

Hundredpercent is a guy? Wow. Sure sounds like something a woman would write.

Oh the unintentional funny, I'm dying over here.
Jordan, Don't do us any favors. /joke

how's that for funnay? ;P

By the way, how's your traffic tough guy? ;)

(get it, another joke, actually that was more like 2 or 3 in one)

Now careful. If we're going to start on the beer, the result may be +5 insensibility.

Shounds ghoud too meee...

Fat Kid,

do you see the inherent hypocrisy in your first statement? Do you see what I was refering to or did it just fly over your head?

Well, just to be contrary and all (plus I was going to add ya anyhow, had you book marked for ages...but that doesn't sound as cool grin), instead of de-linking someone...I am going to ADD you to my humble roll of the blog.

But ain't it a tad bit sad when friends have to part ways, and it is usually over something that time and a couple of cold beers and honest communication could at least cause at least a non aggression pact of some sort to be reached.

I saw the point you were trying to make, however you missed the boat: 1) w/r/t our first interaction and 2) now.

Whatever man. It's your life, live it the way you want.

Just remember, "Success in life is not to let your ego outstrip your talent".

Happy April Fools.

This 100% guy does sound a little odd. Even my damn dogs disagree with me at times (and while they donít run blogs to be delinked but you understand what I mean) and it would be a terribly limited social circle if one ran life only associating with those who agreed with you.