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my new boyfriend

itrip.jpgI just want to make a heartfelt commercial plug for iTrip.

It has changed my life. Seriously. I would make love to it if I could.

Well, I'm sure I could if I really wanted to. I meant that metaphorically. Mostly. It is kind of sexy looking, in that "let's have some fun with the new toy" sort of way, isn't it?

So I use the iPod in the kitchen, in the living room, when I go to bed at night, at work and now, in the car.

The cult of iPod: you can check out any time you like. But you won't.


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I don't know what blogs you normally read, but have you seen this?

Holy shit.

::deletes all Air Supply songs::

Welcome to the reala dark side, michele: the iPod accessory buyer.

Get your wallet out. You're gonna need it. ;)

/owner of more in accessories than the 'pod is worth

If Air Supply is the most embarassing thing on your iPod you're doing good.

It's the most embarassing thing I'll admit to, at least.

"You're listening to 91.7 Radio Free Michele; and next up is Night Ranger with Sister Christian."

I can only assume that you got the black iTrip, seeing as you have the U2 iPod. Please tell me you have the black iTrip.

(Been lusting after a Radioshark for months so that I can automatically load the KQRS Morning show into my iPod each night.)

I got the white, sorry to say. It was a spur of the moment purchase and that's all they had!

My god, I'm a racist!!

you know what i hate about the iTrip? my randomizer always changes the damned station on me.

i could always make playlists, but that would require, um... what's that called? oh yeah, effort.

hey; I have something like this on my ipod, but it's in 2 parts. It's kinda OK, but long trips are kind of a pain when you intersect a station when you're driving along. And sometimes it can get fuzzy. The iTrip may be a better quality than my stupid thingie...

*I think the most embarassing song on my Ipod is the themesong to (the best TV show on television EVER, Roundhouse).

Kids, kids, kids. The iTrip is great, but ONLY if you NEVER use shuffle. My whole life is shuffle. I can't imagine not living with my iPod on shuffle. That means that the iTrip was worthless to me. To be fair, the iTrip was worthless to me anyway because it just doesn't have enough juice in LA. A much better one is the AirPlay by xtrememac.

Check it out: http://www.davidgagne.net/?p=5914

Hmm - i've been wondering about the itrip - wondering if it works in la traffic and if I really have to use musicmatch to use it instead of itunes. Wonder if it's just better to get it hardwired into my car.

I don't know what you shuffle people are talking about - I live for shuffle mode and I haven't had any problems with it in my car.


Steve Jobs' bid to subliminally transmit "Bill Gates is the Devil" to the masses

I hate all of you. I'm too broke (read - a 2 1/2 year old and another on the way) to be able to justify an iPod or any sort of MP3 player. And I'vot something like 21 gigs of songs.

And my A-Ha collection beats your Air Supply any day.

I won my iPod Robb. There's no way I could afford something like that. Thank you, Jittery!

I'm with Robb... I hate ALL of you iPod peeps.... I want one so bad it's a physical pain.

My brother in-law, his best friend, people around me at work.. damn, I think my f'n dog just bought one and I DON'T HAVE ONE!

Fuck, I'm getting so desperate, I'm checking out those free iPod offers.

Your iPod link is borked...

You have "http://www.azon.com/..."

I'm sure you meant "http://www.amazon.com/...

Bolie IV

For my car stereo solution, I got a Pioneer stereo that has a jack in back with an RCA input cable attached, so I can just plug in the iPod directly as a wired auxiliary input. Works great, though apparently only certain car stereos will accept that kind of setup. (I'm by no means an audio tech expert, just learned from the Internet what parts to get to tell the guys at Best Buy to install....)

I had one for a while, nice piece of kit innit?

well, maybe i just have the "Clear Channel" iPod. that's right, i'm convinced that Big Radio Brother had a hand in making my iPod. how do i know this?

over 10 gb of music, and no matter what, it always plays the same 8 or 10 songs when i put it on shuffle. the only time it doesn't play one of those songs is when it takes the time to change the station on me.

seriously, i love my iPod, but i also hate it.

I love my iTrip. I had to reset the FM signal as the default tapped out after a few days, but otherwise, it's been very reliable. It's so nice to be able to have any music in my collection at any time without fumbling for CDs. Now I just fumble for the advance control.

You're losing cash if you get any back from Amazon... your link tries to go to Azon.com, instead of Amazon