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Six Days

Six. More. Days.

The most anticipated opening day ever.

I think I'll lay off the friendly wagers this year. I'm still feeling the ramifications of the last time I opened my big mouth.


Depends on who's offering.

And what the wager is.

And just because you want to see my boobs doesn't mean I want to see your weener, so don't even offer.

Six days. Now if only the weather would start acting like opening day was just inches away.


You realize you followed talk of not wanting to see weeners with "just inches". Could have something to do with it... ;-)

Crap, all my bets involved either seeing your boobs or making you look at my weiner. Back to the drawing board.

Rename the you-know-what after me.

And if I lose, I'll owe you a buck.

The iPod? Justin's weener? My future kittens? MY ummm..kitten? WHAT?

Baseball Tonight starts daily shows tomorrow (Tuesday). We're getting close....

your iPod against an empty soda can that's been sitting on my computer desk for a week?

[wrestlemania mode]Yankees are goin' dooooooowwwwnn!!!![/wrestlemania]


You DO mean the countdown of days until the NCAA Championship game, don't you (heavy on the sarcasm)???

Someone pointed that out to me yesterday that the championship game and Opening Day were one and the same. Not being a basketball fan, I don't know if this has happened before, but I bet there are going to be some very happy bar owners on Monday night. Or very unhappy when fights break out over what to watch...

Actually, Becky, the Yankees and Sox play on Sunday, not Monday, so no conflict there. On Monday, there are 10 games, but the latest one to start is at 5:10 pm EST. It should be over by the time Louisville tips off against UNC/Michigan State (just my hope shining through there).