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Songs Mean Things

I got bogged down in doing my 500 songs annotations because of my ridiculous notion that they should all be long explanations worthy of their own posts. And it doesn't have to be that way. I don't have to be so damn wordy all the time, right?

I'm going to attempt to put into this post all of the numbers picked today on this post. And I'm going to try to be short and sweet instead of going on and on like I always do.

For those who need a reminder (or who are new to the whole 500 songs thing) of why I chose these particular songs (and so I don't have to rehash the 'but these arent' the best songs in the world, you idiot' arguments), you can find the history here.

111. Soul Coughing - Super Bon Bon
Well. Good songs stay with you. A good song will lodge itself in your head and reappear over and over again, and not in the bad way, like McArthur's Park. In a good way, so when the song starts playing in your mind, you kind of hum along and don't mind at all. So it's fine that every single time I step into an elevator (and this happens several times a day on weekdays), my inner voice automatically starts singing you got to take the elevator to the mezzanine. And how much fun is it to spend the rest of the day saying super bon bon whenever someone addresses you? Super bon bon, super bon bon.

69. 10cc - I'm Not In Love
Maybe it was the breathless way he sang the lyrics. Maybe it was the desperation in his voice. Maybe it's because this part:
I keep your picture upon the wall
It hides a nasty stain thatís lying there

Always made me giggle a little bit because I wondered what that nasty stain was made of.
Mostly it's because when I was a little bit older and listened to the song again, it struck me as profoundly sad, not for the singer, but for the recepient of his reluctant love.

484. B-52's - Give Me Back My Man
485. B-52's - Dance This Mess Around

When you're standing in a dark, dirty night club, drunk on cheap beer and singing I'll give you fish, I'll give you candy, I'll give you everthing I have in my hand and really meaning it, that song wins a place in your heart forever. And when later on that night you find yourself sort of swaying to Dance This Mess Around and on the verge of tears and some guy in a mohawk and Mr. Bubbles t-shirt puts his arm around you and asks if maybe you'd like to go in his car and fuck for a while and you laugh so hard you start you can't catch your breath, well that song worms its way into your heart as well.

42. Split Enz - I Got You.
Solonor just pulled this number out of his ass but it turns out it's kind of fitting that it was this song, as I just found out that one of the members of Split Enz/Crowded House died over the weekend.

I love this song more for the memories than the quality of it. Sure, it was a good tune, but it certainly wasn't the best on the album (I preferred Shark Attack). The best memory of this song, this album and the band in general is the one where we sat in my room for hours on end holding the record up to the light and turning it around and around so we could marvel at the little prisms of colors and shapes that were cleverly embedded into the laser-etched vinyl. Groovy.

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That was kinda creepy, actually. I said 42 just because it's the answer to life, the universe and everything, then went to look and see which song it was. Not only that, but our band used to play that song, too.

(1) Have you ever heard the remix of Super Bon Bon by the Propellerheads? Good stuff, it has a manic James Bondian undercurrent inserted.

(2) The "nasty stain" remark isn't so off if you consider what 10cc was named after (or, for that matter, "The Lovin' Spoonful").

The record's reflectivity is very cool, even in a photo.

BTW, I think you still have spyware trouble with your 500 songs page. I had the same stuff as before pop-up when I visited.

I found Tori Amos's version of "I'm not in love" to be rather...bitter. But then again, when is she not?

You may enjoy Mike Doughty's solo stuff too.


WTF was with that chick whispering "Be quiet,big boys don't cry...big boys don't cry.."

Man, the first time I heard that I was about 10 years old staying up all night...it creeped me out then and it still does now.

We all marvelled at the laser-etched vinyl. It was so......futuristical.

That said, "I Got You" is a killer song.

Michelle, thanks for reminding me that once there was great music. When I hear the latest Limp Bizkit wannabee on the radio, I can't beleive that we once could hear stuff like "I Got You" on the damn radio.

how dare you insult the mighty phallic power of macarthur park...

just cos spring was nevr waiting for us girl...