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Blogging By Numbers

Serious lack of posting today, for a Monday. All kinds of busy-ness at work and I'm not really in the mood to write anything serious, especially anything that will just end up in a vicious cycle of "I know you are but what am I, besides a godless heathen, that is?" posts.

When all else fails, write about your favorite songs, which I should have been doing anyhow.

Pick a number from 1 to 512.



484 & 485


I second 111.

"Too fat, fat you must cut lean"

Love that song!

41 baby, 41. And I want pictures of the hair.


257 (plus or minus one, as you wish...)

183 or 156

244. Zappa, Joe's Garage

I first heard this on a tape player at the down-the-street friends' garage fort in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. A garage fort is a sort of loft created in the rafters, a sort of "wasted space" ideal for the sort of needs pre-teen and teen boys had at the time. This fort had a few holes in the roof to allow for the firing of bottle rockets, one extension cord, and some funky 70s carpet on the plywood floor.

"Joe's Garage" was the kind of song that can completely warp a young child's mind. It caused me to first consider the idea of becoming a rock star (I didn't, though I did have some moments of on-stage "musicianship"), taught me that all Mothers are the same ("Turn it down!" is a refrain to the song), and I knew deep within me that everything that happens in the garage fort stays in the garage fort. (The statute of limitations has run its course, and no one ever asked anyhow).

The songs is Frank Zappa's oddly-arranged ode to garage bands and the beginnings of fame. The Central SkeRUtinizer guy never saw it coming (nor did the Catholic Girls, but that's another story).

Arg! You did it! Already? I so hate you now.........