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some bunny loves you!*

he's just a harmless little bunny!

For those that celebrate this day, have a joyous one. For those, like me, for whom this day signifies the real beginning of spring and an afternoon spent with family, eating and drinking and enjoying their company, have a joyous day as well. And if this is just another Sunday for you, enjoy that, too. And if I may offer some sage words of wisdom for you:

Be excellent to each other.

[*i apologize for the terrible pun]
[asv is otherwise closed for the holiday]


awesome header!

Have a Hoppy Easter *
(*Right back atcha).

Have a great day, Michele! Much happiness and joy from my family to you and yours.

I just know I'm going to eat too much chocolate!!


May you and yours enjoy this day!

in the spirit of most excellence, may I offer the words of the most excellent Lenny Bruces - http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Lenny_Bruce

Yay! Colored eggs and chocolate bunnies and ham! Yay!

And I'm gonna make Funfetti cupcakes later, cause they're fun! Yay!

And then I'll play Frank Zappa's Watermelon in Easter Hay! Yay!

Terrible pun? That sounds like a statement from the department of redundancy department.

Happy Easter!

[mumbles] BAD turkey BAD. Put in the fridge wednesday evening and still hard as a brick this morning. Dinner moved to 8 pm. :(

Greetings back at'cho from your peeps!

(oh...a little peep haiku for you...)


looks like it may be an occasion for the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

I'm totally farkin' screwed. Wife sees the Bunny thing, asks, "Who's site is that?"
"Chick from Long Island."
"I'M from Long Island!"
(ducks, knows he's just gonna get whipped, whipped, (someone cue the Allman Bros.)
If I say "Feliz Navidad" at this point, yer gunna run a brick in my brain, capice?

Feliz Navidad