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Excuse me while I do something really juvenile but oh, so rewarding.


I love Michigan State!


I agree. Now if UNC can just beat 'Nova.... Duck Fook!

Duke is THE suck!

Oh, yeah, we reeeeeally suck. After losing two scholarship players to the NBA, we were left with only seven decent players, two of them were either injured or ill a good part of the year, and we STILL won over 25 games AND won the ACC tournament. If that is "sucking", I'll take it any day.

Go 'Nova!

Dang...I thought I was the only one who hated duke...now...if you can post the same about the Yankees...

scampers away...giggling evilly


I'm sure most of us are thrilled to see the Dukies bite the dust.

But what was up with that phantom walking call against Villanova??? Referees allow all sorts of flagrant walking to go on all year long, and then when it gets to the end of a big game they decide to try to go by the exact letter of the law? I'm in favor of calling walking, in general, but I really didn't see anything wrong with what the Villanova kid did...

Has anyone told you recently, M, that you are vera, vera, cruel woman?

Does this mean residents of FARKistan will let up?
Yer, kiddin, Rojo, right? We'll never let go of that bone.

FYI......I live in Kentucky......many people here still hold a grudge against Dule b/c they won a game against UK in the final four about 10 years ago....yikes.

I really wanted to see JJ cry....


I don't care who wins now.

As a Wake Forest (ACC) alum, I know first hand that they not only suck, but blow and are also evil. The Cameron Crazies are a bunch of pimply-faced losers who have to act out because they couldn't get into Harvard or Yale.
Oh, yeah, Carolina is the only proram that sucks worse.


What's your team doin' this weekend?

Same thing your boys are doing. Watching the truly evil tarholes get their ass stomped by my new favorite team-Wisconsin.


Duke: evil sissy fraternity president from a bad 1986 college comedy (Ted McGinley?)

Big East: Fran Drescher and Carl from "Aquateen Hunger Force"