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everybody sing!

Strolling through the supermarket this morning with the headphones on and Les Miz on the iPod, I had this absurd vision of everyone in the frozen food aisle singing and dancing along to Master of the House, looking up from where they had hovered over the ice cream display or peeking out from the Elio's pizza freezer, voices kicking in on just the right part - Master of the house/Quick to catch yer eye/Never wants a passerby/To pass him by - and then the shoppers quickly going back to what they were doing as soon as the chorus was finished.

This is where I unabashedly admit that I love soundtracks to musicals almost as much - maybe even the same amount - as I love rock and roll. And I guess that my fantasy of everyone singing along with me as they shop for frozen peas would be the equivalent of playing air guitar. More or less.

I'll go crawl back under my rock now. [Where I was listening to Jesus Christ, Superstar and imagining everyone on my block singing what's the buzz, tell me what's a-happening.]


Hey, if singing in the aisled doesn't interest you, maybe a game of Match Game does. That's right, I was so good last week, Mikey asked me back for another week. Or maybe I was drunker than Brett Sommers and he couldn't budge me from the seat. Here's this week's game. Go play and see if you can match my answers.


Go pick up the Laibach disc where they cover "Jesus Christ, Superstar". If you ever wondered what that song would sound like if a German version of Type O Negative covered it, you can wonder no more. The album is also called Jesus Christ, Superstar.

Two great tastes that go great together!

The other day I actually caught myself singing along to Avenue Q in my cube at work. "You can be as loud as the hell you want when you're making loooooooove...... wait, did I just sing that out loud?" Musicals are evil, much like how chocolate is evil.

I loved Les Mis and listen to the soundtrack all the time. although I would never admit it. I think that soundtracks to musicals are awesome and are a great change to the standard rock and roll and popular music that sounds so 'the same' these days.

My favorite soundtrack is "chicago". ALthough, the movie soundtrack is sooooo much better than the broadway soundtrack.

I'm very fond of Man of Lamancha.

Slightly OT - the most fun thing I ever did at work was when I was working swing shift at a data center. I declared one night to be "Opera Night" No one was to speak - we could only converse in song. To hear my co-workers singing "Please, put more paper in the printer..." and other such things is a memory I cherish. Honestly.

I drive my husband crazy with what I call "music cues"... I know and love so many musicals that a snippet of conversation or an event will launch me into a couple of bars of whatever musical fits.

Yes, I can carry a tune even if my voice is more suited to a chorus than the solo. Last time I got to trod the boards was doing a summer theater production of South Pacific in 1996.

For musical soundtracks it's hard to beat Westside Story or The Music Man.

When you're a Jet you're a Jet all the way ...

Musicals ROCK. Of course ..I mention it with trepidation - but theBuffy musical episode was awesome, and I've lovingly looked at the the soundtrack on iTunes. I will buy it one of these days.

I love Les Mis as well and have envisioned similar situations! There is an episode of Seinfeld where George can't get "Master of the House" out of his head and keeps singing it out loud at the most inopportune times! My daughter is a soundtrack fanatic...she sees a movie that she likes and she gets the soundtrack or downloads her favorite songs..."Pirates of the Carribean", "Chicago" (yes, the movie soundtrack is better), and "Les Mis" are the favorites. She is a "band geek" so the music is just as good as the lyrics for her.

Reader Mom - same with my daughter...she's got all the soundtracks to the Harry Potter movies, LOTR, and Pirates - plus the sheet music for some of those that she bought for herself.

She plays violin and will be going on their annual tour (Disneyland this year; she's in 9th grade) and they are playing something from Pirates; she plays first violin and the 1/16th notes are killing her...lol.

I lOVE me some soundtracks!!! Anyone ever saw/listened to the Starlight Express soundtrack??? I love it. I also adore Les miz. I listen to it all the time in my office while i'm working! I have it in my cd player right now

"lovely ladies waiting for a bite,
waiting for the customers who only come at night..."