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Idol Talk

Spoiler below, for you left coasters.

Break out the pig's blood. Mikalah is GONE.


What she said!

One down, about five to go.

All right, I'm fully prepared to believe that I'm the only person in America who hated to see Mikala go last night. Hell, I'm starting to believe even her mom secretly hated her. Does Mikala remind anyone else of Fran Drescher's illegitimate daughter, BTW?

Actually, I'm having a hard time investing any emotion into this season at all. I think it's pretty boring, frankly. I will say that there aren't really any top 10 people this year who outright suck, but there aren't many standouts either.

I'm hoping Constantine gets turboed next.

It won't happy Cynical, he still have twelve year old girls that think that look in his eye is for them.

I like Michele's take, it's really for himself.