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Easter Blogging: How Eggs Are Meaningful to this Season

I'm sure many of you have wondered why brightly colored, hard-boiled eggs symbolize Spring and Easter.

I'll tell you why it does. For one family, at least.

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. The flowers come out of the ground, the buds peek from branches on trees, bees and hornets come out from wherever they were hiding all winter long to start chasing you down your driveway again.

Those noisy kids from down the block that you haven't seen for months - and hoped that by some miracle they moved to Timbuktu - suddenly reappear with their skateboard ramps and hockey nets and the bouncing, bouncing, bouncing of the basketball until way past any normal child's bedtime.

So what does this have to do with eggs?

Well, Easter comes around every spring. We do the normal procedure of Easter baskets filled with marshmallow bunnies that stick to your fingers and chocolate bunnies whose candy coated eyes appear to be pleading "please don't eat me!" And, of course, there are the obligatory colored eggs.

We spend the night before Easter decorating the eggs in dye that doesn't come off your counter for several months, and writing the names of relatives on the eggs. When we were little, our eggs had crosses and chickies on them. My kids' eggs in the past few years have been decorated to look like Rob Zombie and Marge Simpson.

When the kids go to bed, we hide the eggs around the house even though Natalie and DJ are way too old to believe in the Easter Bunny. They still get a kick out of playing hide and seek with food products, although they wish I would stop video taping them finding those treasures, as my commentary runs along the lines of "Ohhh, how precious, she's looking behind the toilet bowl!" which will only make a 15 year old girl burst out in tears.

Eventually the eggs are rounded up on Easter morning, the video tape is thrown in the garbage and we head out to spend the day with relatives.

Sometime during the week, this scene will take place in the living room:

Nat: Eww, did you fart, DJ?
DJ: No! I was just going to ask you that!
Nat: Well it smells like someone let one out. Mom?
Me: Don't look at me like that....
Hubby: Not me. Not this time.

We all sniff the air and stare at eachother suspiciously. Then, as if we all have an epiphany at the same moment, we simultaneously yell out:


And so it begins. We turn over cushions and move furniture and clear out cabinets. And in doing so, while looking for the rogue Easter egg, we end up doing our spring cleaning.

By the time the stinky, rotten egg is found behind the toilet bowl, we've vacuumed behind the couch, put the screens on the window to get the smell out, rearranged the cabinets, thrown out twenty back issues of TV Guide and generally cleaned the house down to a sparkling, shiny newness.

Our home has been reborn, our sense of smell has been renewed, and all the brightly colored, flowered placemats and curtains have come out of hiding.

And that is how Easter eggs help to usher in spring.

You read it here first.

[revived and updated, from the defunct raising hell archives]


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Hmm ... I may borriw this ritual, Michele, but I may just plant eggs in my son's room and let him try to find the funk on his own.

Hmm, then again, he might not notice.

that would be BORROW ... must have coffee before I post ...

Very very good. You could sell this story. You should.


We've been tring for years to get Michelle to write a book with all of theses stories in it, to no avail.

Hmm, maybe a reward for blegging donations could be a chapter or two of the book?

I have a fear of slush piles.

Anyone know an agent that would be willing to take on an unpublished (except for that one stint in Macros2000), unproven blogger?

What's that? Sounded like laughter.

That's an adorable story.

"And chocolate is associated with easter because of the color of the chocolate, and the color of the ... wood on the cross..." -- Eddie Izzard

great story

perhaps you need to take a page out of taylor doose's book
(the crazy guy on gilmore girls)

he makes an egg map of where all 300 eggs are hidden in the town. that way rotting crises never happen

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Send it to Washington Monthly. They pay 10 cents a word!

That was a lot of fun to read - thanks and happy Easter!!


We had that happen one year; about June we were bouncing on the couch and broke off one of the legs.... crushing the egg that was waiting there behind it under the couch.... and leading to an edict that eggs wouldn't be hidden in the house again....