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and turn that infernal noise.......up!

I walk into my son's room last night to say good night and he's listening to Van Halen II. Walk into the daughter's room and she's listening to Rush.

Today, the son and his friend have Pink Floyd turned up to 11.

It's all sort of....satisfying.


Damn...you raised them kids well...*hat tip*

As long as he doesn't get sullen and sarcastic: "Oh, I guess I can't have my pudding until I finish my meat, right, mother?"

Well he tried to play sick the other day by telling me that he had a fever and his hands felt just like two balloons.

I was listening to Pantera just yesterday and thinking about you and your son, how cool it is to have a mom that understands the power of great music and doesn't try to shut him down even though Anselmo might say "fuck" once in awhile.

Good job, Mom. :)

aren't your son and his friend a little young to start smoking pot and dropping acid?

2 liters of Mountain Dew will give you the same effect, you know.

Very cool.

Now I've got "Temples of Syrinx" stuck in my head.

Only bad thing about it is having to go look in their rooms for your missing CD's....

"...she's listening to Rush."

Limbaugh gets repeated at night in your neck of the woods?
(Ducks, runs...)

I'm so very impressed! It's even GOOD Van Halen...REAL Van Halen...not that Van Hagar crap.

Which Pink Floyd?

2 liters of Mountain Dew will give you the same effect, you know.

I'll testify to that. Found that one out the hard way at 17 when I drank a 2-liter one day on the way to work. Couldn't even hit the right buttons on the register.

It's even more impressive if they get the "goes to 11" reference...

your kids are ode skool.

My older boy loves Jethro Tull and anything Ritchie Blackmore has done.

My daughter is a cheerleader at a large high school in Texas. at one of the pep rallies the cheerleaders did a dance to "I'm a Believer" by the Monkees. I thinkin WTF, and lookin around and half the kids know the words and are singing along. I just smile and say "this is really cool!"

All the way to 11 eh?
That's one louder than 10. ;)

when I really need that extra, something, I can turn it to 11.

"Two Balloons" is a dead giveaway. "The Wall," of course--"Comfortably Numb."

You've done it, Michele. You've won!

as if they're not on drugs. just make they play nice and share... and you can all sit down to anice bit of the wizard of the dark side of the moon. That'll be the bells now...

Hi -

Despite being her usual sweet self and appearing to be a completely typical, somewhat prude 15-year old, my oldest is deeply into Sex Pistols and The Clash. Now if I can only get her interested in King Crimson...


PS: when we were last in London, she prepared in advance and found out the recording studio sites, the clubs, etc. She was really disappointed to learn that the clubs really don't let 14 year old girls in even during the day...but she bought all the available Clash DVDs(!) at Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street with her own, hard-earned and saved money...


The reason all the teens know the lyrics to "I'm a Believer" is that Smashmouth, a popular pop rock band, did a cover of the song that got significant radio-play and was featured in the movie Shrek.