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Heard the new Weezer song, Beverly Hills, today.

It sort of sounded like Cake and Sublime doing Undone.. In some parts it's very Blue album-ish. But then it's also Green album-ish. What I like is, it's seems very old Weezer-ish. So I like. ish.


I'd like to say I played in a Weezer cover band. But I didn't. After my old and last band broke up, my old guitarist Goon started his Weezer cover band. Bastard.

I lost touch after Pinkerton. I bought the next one (the one with Hash Pipe) but it dd nothing for mew. You have a link?

I gave up on them after the green album. Oh, and after it was the only band my roommate listened to for a FULL YEAR. yikes. killed it for me.

After several listens -- and by that I mean pretty much as many times someone can listen to a song within the course of a few hours without going postal -- I think I like it. It seems like it's more "forced cool" than other Weezer songs, but it's still Weezer fer cryin' out loud...

But it still sounds to me like Rivers Cuomo and Butch Walker (formerly of Marvelous 3) had a lovechild together, and it was this song.

I loved the Green album. It's their most pop effort, but I love good guitar pop.

Pinkerton is still their best, though.