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not reading any more emails today, thankyouverymuch

I'm all about the differing opinions. I make it a point to link to people whose opinions differ from mine.

I don't know how it feels to be Terri Schiavo's parents and it's not something I ever want to know. I feel for them, I really do. But let's keep in mind a couple of things here before you keep hurling insults at me: I have said over and over again that my feelings are based on just that: feelings. I have said over and over again the words if it were me, or if I should ever be in that situation that I would rather be dead. I never claimed medical or legal knowledge and I didn't base my opinion on anything but strong emotions.

So please. Stop with the emails. It's really ridiculous. If you think for one minute that I want to form some super pure race, that I want to rid the world of the retarded, the disabled, the mentally unbalanced, the crippled, the feeble or the meek, then you are the one with the problem. If you can infer all that from my feelings, my emotions that I put out in my two posts about the Terry Schiavo case, you're just clueless. Not to mention shrill.

Leave me alone. Isn't there a Hitler Youth Group out there somewhere you could harrass instead?


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Well done - I totally agree.

America...land of the free. Ahem.

(hey that ryhmes? - just an added bonus to cheer you up!)

Im with you. I'm old enough now to know when I've become so emotionally involved in an issue that I lose all sense of fairness and logic. I LOVE what Jeff Harrell said about this whole thing:

God, it's like somebody sat down and tried to come up with the most intractable ethical dilemma. It's like somebody tried to create a puzzle that not even a Jesuit could solve without committing a venial sin.

There's a GREAT scene in the movie "Glory" when Denzel's character refuses to carry the flag:

Trip: I ain't fightin' this war for you, sir.
Colonel Robert G. Shaw: I see.
Trip: I mean, what's the point? Ain't nobody gonna win. It's just gonna go on and on.
Colonel Robert G. Shaw: Can't go on forever.
Trip: Yeah, but ain't nobody gonna win, sir.
Colonel Robert G. Shaw: Somebody's gonna win.
Trip: Who? I mean, you get to go on back to Boston, big house and all that. What about us? What do we get?
Colonel Robert G. Shaw: Well, you won't get anything if we lose.

Colonel Robert G. Shaw: So what do you want to do?
Trip: Don't know, sir.
Colonel Robert G. Shaw: It stinks, I suppose.
Trip: Yeah, It stinks bad. And we all covered up in it too. Ain't nobody clean. Be nice to get clean, though.
Colonel Robert G. Shaw: How do we do that?
Trip: We anty up and kick in, sir. But I still don't want to carry your flag.

It stinks, and we're all covered up in it. But it sure would be nice to get clean.

I'm sorry, I must have missed something while I was out smothering little Jewish babies.

Say, Michele, are you going to join us next time? We're going to the Slippery-Slope-and-Slide with the guys frmo Evangelical Nuthouse!


I know. When I posted at The Daily Brief the comments weren't so bad but the emails were out of control.

I had thought I would remain quiet about the whole Terri Schiavo affair, then that federal preemptive stike situation finally got my goat, and thrice, ending with what might be a case of channeling and one of my best impromptu pieces of writing yet, I had to say something on the story.

I am going to have to blame Congress, this time, for my rash actions.

It's quite remarkable isn't it. That we all think we know what's best for Terry ... she'd alive ... she's braindead .. we're all looking at the same picture people.

People seem to be projecting their own emotions on to the issues, without reflecting and appreciating the tragic fact that whatever future awaits her ... it certainly isn't a humane one.

What??? You mean the religious conservatives who are all about God's Love are spewing bilious hate?

What a surprise.

Wow, some of the bahaviour I've seen, from some people, over the last few days has been....interesting. Sort of reminds me of the shrill screeching from some of the more fevered corners of the leftie/DU crowd, and some of the most surprising examples are coming from folks that jumped all over such behaviour without mercy.

Peas, in the 'why clutter the issue with facts (that don't fit our viewpoint) pod...

OT, but, the packing and moving is going fine. There is still part of the kitchen to do, but I've got some folks coming for the heavy stuff. If ya wanna swing by after work, still room for ya to lend a hand!



where the heck did she go?

It's amazing how the whole thing is bringing out the moonbats from both sides of the bird.

I'm hoping they have a huge protest/counter protest so I can set up a tinfoil hat kiosk and retire a wealthy man.

All any of us have a right to say is what OUR wishes would be if we were persisting in that state, and that's what Michele discussed here.

For all the people on either end of the spectrum who are frothing at the mouth over this, it's really none of your business. It's an issue for Terry's family and doctors, and since there's a dispute within the family, the state courts. The story is not going to have a happy ending, no matter what happens in the courts or Congress or anywhere else.

Anyone who's sending Michele or anyone else nasty e-mails over this issue is PATHETIC.

Don't let the turkeys get you down, Michele.

I've been so confused and continually misinformed about this controversy that I sent a scathing e-mail to myself.

Yeah, Hubris. But did you read it and get all upset?

Yeah, I thought I was a real asshole.

Not to confuse you further, Hubris, but I believe you mean "the more asshole ever".

KERIAN ADN HUBERIS STOP POSTING HERE. I am dissapointed you are americian you sound like hitler. Yuo should all go somewhere else that dosnt mind your hateing ideas!!!

Not to confuse you further, Hubris, but I sent that scathing email to you. I just signed your name to fool you into thinking it was you.

Fuck me.


[elaborate fantasy sequence]

[interrupted out of respect for Mr. Small Victory]

Ok, you three are the more funny asshole ever.

All any of us have a right to say is what OUR wishes would be if we were persisting in that state

Unless, for no apparent reason, my spouse starts persisting in that state, and never wrote down what to do. In that case, thanks to Judge Greer, now I have a right to kill her. In Florida, anyway.

For all the people on either end of the spectrum who are frothing at the mouth over this, it's really none of your business. It's an issue for Terry's family and doctors, and since there's a dispute within the family, the state courts.

Nice touch, that last little qualifier 'state'.

The story is not going to have a happy ending, no matter what happens in the courts or Congress or anywhere else.

Depends on 'eye of the beholder' whether it has a happy ending, doesn't it? If I want her dead, I might think of it as a happy ending real soon.

I'm surprised nobody has yet broken into her room with a gun and killed her. Now is the perfect opportunity...what could they be charged with? Murder? Interference with a state execution? Disturbing the peace? Hastening it?

another Clyde,

This isn't about killing Terry. It's about no longer using artificial means to keep her alive. That's an important difference -- it is, for example, the reason why it would be unfair to call you a murderer, even though you're letting African children starve to death while you spend your money on net access.

You could argue that there's a moral obligation to keep helpless people alive, but there can be no obligation to do so unless the people want to be kept alive. You are welcome to offer convincing proof that Terry would want to be kept alive as an unthinking vegetable (or, worse yet, a conscious person trapped in a useless, uncommunicative shell) for decade after decade until she finally died of old age. But the burden's clearly on you.

Speaking of strange e-mails... I got that one today from the Schindlers lawyers.

The righteous indignation of the "save Terri" crowd is astounding. Meanwhile, a 9 year old girl in Florida was raped and murdered by a known sex offender who worked at her school. You want to be outraged by something, be outraged by that. But allowing a woman to die when she's been "mostly dead" for 15 years and may have wanted to die in such a situation, that's just not outrageous. The jury is out on whether starvation is the way to do it, I read conflicting things.

I agree... my difference? I have a living will.