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Do I Need a Jacket?

Yes. Because it's misty and it's cold.

It's all I ever wanted or needed in a weather report.


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It told me to wear a jacket. It's too darn warm in Nashville. But, to paraphrase "Eating Raul":

I'm a hot-blooded redneck.

There's a couple of groundhogs working on borrowed time....

shit, it's snowing here. But, I did see my crocuses starting to peep their tips out.

...hop the Outerbridge...PuxatwaneySHIT! vermin!!!
(I swear...one more flake, and I will flake...gimme sweet rain!)

No need for jackets here. It's 11am and already a comfy 57 degrees. Sunday it was sixty-five and sunny, with overhead sets rolling in. Beach > cold northern jacket locations.

(reads "shank"'s post)
grrr. I gotta a timeshare in St. Thomas but it don't roll around 'till October (it's where I do my World Series...think about that, RSN...I bloody well BANK on going to the dance!).

shoot me later

Yesterday, our area celebrated the first day of spring by having rain, snow, and bright sunshine all in the same hour.

I can't get a decision out of this site. I don't blame it.