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simpsons laugh count

We laughed out loud 12 times tonight. Best showing this season.

There might be life left in this series yet.


...and the battered woman goes back to her abusive boyfriend...

"I promise I've changed, just look how much I've made you laugh tonight!"

Weird; I wondered if you'd caught this one in spite of your previous vow. "You shouted it out while we were making love!" I didn't even hear what came after because I couldn't quit laughing at that line.

The whole Homer in the Garage sequence was great stuff, especially when he coughs the spiders out at the end....

What? I was counting on you, Michele. Now I'll never know. How will I find out what happened on "Spring Break Shark Attack"?

I heard about an early script, which promised T&A, booze, T&A, vomiting, T&A, shark (unseen by characters), T&A, more sharks (unseen by characters), T&A, lots of sharks, T&A, dismemberment (unseen by viewers), and finally, T&A. Who knows what happened once the network got its filthy hands on that genius script? Not me, damnit!

THe Yentil reference put me over the top.

Seriously, as I was watching the whole garage bit I thought to myself, "This feels more like watching the older, better episodes". Maybe Harry Shearer blogging at Josh Marshall's site for a couple days brought some good luck to the series.

Still, I'm sorry to say, I'd rather The Simpsons be on the Fox chopping block rather than Arrested Development.

I caught about 15 minutes of Comedy Central's "blue collar comedy" guys and beat that. Man, those guys are funny.

I was wondering if they had read your earlier critic of the show, because we laughed pretty hard last night. My fav part was the SUVs rolling over. Man, I'm still chuckling over that one. OH, and the RV stuff was dead on- LOL.

weird: as I was watching it, and laughing, I thought of you and The Vow too.

IMO, The Simpsons started going downhill around season 10 and started picking back up around season 13.

We're now in the midst of Season 16..


::voice waivering:: No... you guys go on... it's... too late for me.