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he's not gene rayburn, but he'll do

I'm a panelist on Match Game today. Go play. Mikey's better looking than Gene, anyhow. And I'm less of a drunk than Charles Nelson Reilly.

That's all. I'm going to bed now.


I just saw Charles Nelson Reilly's "Jose Chung" Millenium episode. classic. He's wonderful in it and he does drink. A lot. It would have made a great spin-off series but they kill him off in the end.

Actually Robyn has the CNR spot -- you got stuck with Bob Crane/David Doyle spot which had to suffer as the lead-in to whatever unfunny crap Brett Somers decided to spew.

Meanwhile, I believe Jeff Goldstein is shtupping all the spokesmodels in his version of The Price is Right.

matched michelle 3 of 5...didn't match anyone who didn't match michelle