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on this date in history no one cares about

Welcome to March 18.

Today is Friday. It is the week before Good Friday, which makes it Kind Of Ok Friday.

It is Irene Cara's birthday. You may remember Irene from that time she made you want to live forever and fly high.

Today is also the birthday of Queen Latifah, Grover Cleveland, Jerry Cantrell and Stuart Zender, who once played bass for Jamiroquai.

On this date in 1953, Indiana beat Kansas 69-68 to win the NCAA Men's Basketball championship. Duke sucks.

On this date in 1992, Donna Summer got a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. Let us all pause a moment to sing the part from Bad Girls that goes toot toot, hey, beep beep.

Semi interesting fact:

1944 - For the first time since World War II started, alarm clocks went back on sale in the United Staates. The site of this historic moment was in Chicago, Illinois.

Which makes me think of that line in "The Night Chicago Died" - and there was no sound at all, except the clock upon the wall.

Coincidence? I think not.

The Bee Gees' Night Fever hit number one today in 1978. I tell you this in the hopes that it stopped The Night Chicago Died from playing in your head. Of course, now you have the Bee Gees stuck in your brain, but I think we all know which one is less damaging.

March 18 is Supreme Sacrifice Day. I don't know what that means but I am in the process of collecting virgins just in case. Apply within.

If that holiday doesn't thrill you, then wait until March 26, which is Make Your Own Holiday day.

On this day in 2003, I wrote this:

Nothing says "heightened security" like traffic cones strategically placed in front of federal buildings.

"Stop, you terrorists! My magical orange cone will keep you away!"

I feel so much safer now.

Two years on and I still have the same passion for the cause. My fight to bring magical orange cones to every state in the union and nation in the world has not abated, not one bit.

On March 18, 2002, I was strangely obsessed with penises. Peni?

And, on this date in 2005, I had the strong urge to crawl back into bed and pretend the world does not exist. Instead, I'll have a nice breakfast of Augmenten and Excedrin Migraine and wait for the flames of hell to stop nipping at my heels.

Hope I have been informative in my blogging laziness.


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You forgot to mention that today is also Grover Cleveland's birthday, and National Hangover Day. (*not so loud*)


Today is also the birthday of Queen Latifah, Grover Cleveland, Jerry Cantrell and Stuart Zender, who once played bass for Jamiroquai.

Maybe spdrdr's second correction explains his first non-correction.

Stupid Trivia that now is stuck in my head:

"What four actors/actresses 'crossed-over' from the movie to the TV show in Fame?"

Stupid question that I now need to know:

"When using the term "actor" today, is it assumed to be gender neutral?"

Michele, it's "penii."
I swear.

Why were alarm clocks not being sold?

Did I say Grover Cleveland?
I meant Vanessa Williams.
I often get the two confused after drinking about four gallons of Guinness.
Which explains a lot. Including why alarm clocks were banned.

March 18 is my birthday, too, but that damn almanac never gets around to listing it.

I knew most of this stuff already, because a long time ago I got one of those birthday newsletters you can get at Hallmark, but I didn't know the bit about the alarm clocks.


/puts Kev in personal almanac

That's what he gets for being a spd rdr.

And, on this day in 1975, I was born. :)


Yeah, actor can be gender neutral, while actress is always female.

Occasionally there is a distinction made, for instance an audition notice where "Actors go to room 2, Actresses to room 4", but that is uncommon.

It's my mom's birthday, too. But yeah...

Unless you are writing in Latin, you use the english plural form. Which would be penises.

Mine was the 15th.


Scuze, please, Duke DOES NOT SUCK.

Duke is the end-all and be-all of b-ball.

Nuff, said.

Don't EVEN. I went to a Big East school. Don't be all up in my face with your ACC suckiness.

"My fight to bring magical orange cones to every state in the union and nation in the world has not abated, not one bit."

South Dakota is terror free thanks to the magical orange cones. They work so well that we have offically changed our seasons here and consolidated them to "winter" season and "road construction" season which starts the first day anyone in the state spots an orange cone.

Living in Pennsylvania, the fiefdom of PENDOT, I'd be thrilled to send you some orange cones and barrels. We have at least a lot load to spare...

damn right DUKE SUCKS!!!

Fear the Turtle!

(well, only dookies need fear the turtle as they seem to be the only team we can beat-- 3X in a row!)

Johno -- no swearing please! It just so happens that "penis" and "testis" are nouns of the same declension class in Latin, and their plurals (in Latin) are "penes" and "testes".
Male snakes have two of each (we call their penises "hemipenes", literally "half-penises" -- to lessen the existential shame, I suppose, of our having only one to their two).

I found this article on plurals http://www.straightdope.com/mailbag/mplurals.html very informative.