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(he once wore a green uniform, does that count?)

I'm going to take some time out from my Irish blogging to say a few things about Jose Canseco.

Well, one thing. Which is, I'd like to smack him upside the head. With a bat.

[More on the steroid hearings here]


He was a pissant when I watched him play AA ball a hundred years ago in Huntsville, and he's a pissant now. I find it very disappointing his ex-teammate McGwire didn't fall upon him during the hearings with a bat and a will.

I never thunk liked thunk you.

Who freakin' cares about steroids in baseball. You'd think with the problems these days, your government would not waste their resources on this boogeyman. Next thing, we'll find out musicians use drugs and sleep with loose women.

Steroids are everywhere. Believe me, you'd be suprised who uses them and keep it hush hush. Go to your local weight room, and see how easy they are to procure. Arnold used them, and no one complained about him getting elected to higher office.

There is a difference between steroid use and abuse. Lots of the danger from steroid use is that they are illegal, and people resort to using animal products.

your title is the more asshole ever...

I think your missn a c in there somewhere