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exit, stage left

I'm done here today. Damn sinus infection is killing me.

All the Idol bloggers have made their predictions for tonight's elimination show.

The Yankee blog is up and running.

Fun: NES Letter quiz.

DJ's first Little League practice is tonight. We bought new cleats yesterday. I can almost pretend it feels like spring. Almost.


Oil the glove and mow the grass(the minute the snow clears). If the smells don't convince you nothing will.

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Thanks for the quiz, Michele. Now I have to hate you again.

Every time you say Idol blogging, I think that you're talking about Billy Idol, who's playing South by Southwest in Austin tonight, 1 am, at Stubb's BBQ. He's like 87 years old now.

I could certainly Billy Idol blog if you so desired.


Well, Bill quite a few year ago.

Comtrex Cold and Flu...works WONDERS for me.

I hope you feel better soon!

No sinus infection here. Just the flu! Gahh!!

And American Idol seems different somehow with Mario Vasquez. He was so obviously going to win... what to do?

What, he plays on (shudder) turf? Faux grass?

(Now we know where all that corrupted LI edu funds were supposed to go.)

Regardless, buy the boy spikes and a sharpening stone!

No, he plays on regular fields that often end up soaked by spring rain.

TC, do you EVER have anythin positive to say?

I'll raise you flu, sinus infection, and TONSILLITIS!
Plus high risk of ruptured brain vessels from coughing.

Mama don't take my codaclear away.

Pretty psyched they took Lindsey away.
Why does that no-neck girl always wear jackets that artificially poof up her shoulders, removing all trace of neck and making her look like she has hunched shoulders from lung disease like asthma or cystic fibrosis?