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Hurra Torpedo - Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Best cover song ever. Best drumming ever. Best music video ever. Best use of asscrack in a song ever. I could watch this all day long.

Hurra Torpedo photo gallery.



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OMG! Best ever! No doubt. That made my day.

I personally loved the vocal contortions that one guy (the stove player) went through to reach the upper registers on "Turn around bright eyes". I laughed so hard I think I wet myself just a little, seriously.

dude. is this the re-birth of the Bee Gees?

my gawd. that was fucking horrible. i love it!

If you watched it all day ... would there be any danger to the appliances of your own kitchen??? The muse might overtake you -or would that be a siren?

Well, there's a minute of my life I'll never get back.

after watching that vid like, a billion times (no, seriously!), i've decided that my favorite part of it is the fact that the stove smasher back-up singer is actually stirring something on the stove.

my 2nd fave part is that first crash. it makes me laugh every time.

my 3rd fave is that same guy trying to hit those high notes. man, he's horrible!

yes, i have favorite parts. dude, i told you i watched it a billion times....