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PSAs/Music Survey

First, thanks very much to Tracey for the Towering Inferno DVD.

And thank you to June for the Incredibles DVD and the ELP Works Vol. 2 CD. I can't wait to get home and listen to that, it's been years.

Also, just a side note that will mean something to about two people who read this site, my husband is going to a Mindless Self Indulgence video shoot tonight. Hopefully, he'll get in the video.

Ok, let's do a survey kind of thing while we're here.

A song you like by a band/artist you otherwise don't care for.

For me: Toxic, Britney Spears


That took courage to admit.
For me, it's Bye Bye Bye by N*Sync. I usually hate bubblegum crap, but it's just too catchy.

"Pure" by Lost Horizon. I shan't post the link here, their costumes are way too dorky for anyone to be looking at.

The new Burger King 'Tender-Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch' jingle by Hootie, sans Blowfish. Best work he's ever done.

I love Toxic! Hmm. There are so many. . .but

Right Thurr, Chingy.

My sons think it's hilarious that I like it -- and -- I actually PAID FOR that download, too.


Backstreet Boys - As Long As You Love Me
Lifehouse - Hanging by a Moment
Color Me Badd - All 4 Love
No Mercy - Where Do You Go?
Billy Ocean - Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car

i think that's enough damage for now.

Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden
Beautiful Stranger - Madonna
Smashing Young Man - Collective Soul

There must be more. None of those artists are particularly embarrassing.

Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell
Nelly(w/Tim McGraw)- Over and Over

Oh the humanity!

Christina Aguilera: Genie in a Bottle


I'm with you on Toxic. I also love Lindsay Lohan's Rumors and find the rest of the album--which I downloaded out of curiosity--to be quite mediocre.

there are just so many of them...

Jon Bon Jovi (UGGGHH!) - "Blaze of Glory"

"Save a Prayer" - Duran Duran
"Bizarre Love Triangle" - New Order
"Crazy Train" - Ozzy Osbourne

God, I feel queezy . . .

"Fascination Street" by The Cure. I've always thought that Robert Smith sounds like Peter Brady going through puberty with a testicular injury, but I like that song, mostly for the instrumental mood.

I like that "Toxic" song as well. Despite all the crap she gets for being the Queen Poptart (or is it a Skanknola Czar?), the first time I heard that song I thought it was surprisingly good.

Ludacris: "Ho"
Avril Lavigne: "Sk8er Boi"
Verbena: "Way Out West"
Jimmy Eat World: "The Middle"
Flock of Seagulls: "I Ran"

Plus, pretty much anything on Macho Man Randy Savage's "Be A Man" CD. For real.

Awesome, your husband is blessed.

Love at First Sight- Kylie Minogue

I thought this was for unavoidably catchy songs by truly embarassing, um, artists. The Cure at least has some street cred, or they used to. For me, it's got to be:

"Steal My Sunshine" by Len
"I Touch Myself" by The DiVinyls
"It's All Coming Back to Me" by Celine Dion

I feel dirty....

Put me down for Toxic as well.

Pink - Get This Party Started

I'm so jealous of your husband. SOOOOO jealous.

I fully agree on the Toxic Song

Also Beautiful by that one chick, is it Jlo or Christina arugala or whatever her name is I can't keep them straight.

By the way, did I mention how insanely jealous I am? I'm going to have to go dig up my Jimmy Urine autograph and stare at it wistfully all night.

Madonna: Live To Tell. The song for her (then) husband's crappy film. Easily the best song she's ever done, and the classiest video she's ever made.

Beyond that, I can't tolerate her much.

Madonna - Holiday

"More Than a Feeling" - Boston

"The Swan" - RightSaid Fred

Signs- Justin Timberlake and Snoop. Probably because I love Snoop, but hate Justin

I will continue with the Madonna theme:

Madonna - Borderline

Love that song.

Eat You Alive - Limp Bizkit

The Trouble With Love Is - Kelly Clarkson

You Can Do It - Ice Cube

I see Madonna is a popular one..here's a twofer, not only do not generally care for her, but I'm half-ashamed to admit this one: Vogue

Oh, Shout, Tears for Fears

Toxic... I'm right there with ya. That song is straight out of the DR Dre school of music production...

Human Nature - Madonna (hey, all the other kids are doing it)

and i thought i'd die before admitting this... Friends in low places - garth brooks, other than that you could burn him at the stake for all I care.

"Setting Sun" - Chemical Brothers

Well if we're all going to do our Madonna confessions, then mine is Get Into The Groove.

"Toxic" got me, too.

In a similar vein..."Rock Your Body" by Timberlake.

And do I dare admit "Escape" by Enrique Iglesias? This information cannot leave this room, ok? It would devastate my reputation as a dude.

I miss you by Blink 182

And yes, blink 182 sucks.

This is not something that should be admitted ever, but I liked that dumbass New Radicals song, "You Get What You Give."

Oh, and "Baby Hold Onto Me," Eddie Money. I should have my eardrums put out, really.

Fuel - Metallica

Hey, cadrys, you have to get the new Tears For Fears CD. It's very different from the usual Orzabal histrionics. (As for all those Cure / New Order haters, don't make me come over there!)

Ok, back to the topic - I'll go with Kylie Minogue: "Can't Get You Out Of My Head".

Shape of My Heart-- The Backstreet Boys

Liquid Dreams by O-Town

I'm gonna go crawl under a rock now...

Jack of Diamonds, by Joe Cocker

I have to go with:

Kelly Clarkson - Since you Been Gone
And my only real complaint about her is that she's over-produced as hell and I remember she actually had a voice.

Thought I was listening to an Avril song I could stand that wasn't Skater Boy.

Sublime - Wrong Way

Never heard that Britney Spears song.

Momma Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J

Not really embarassing I guess, but I love Hey Ya by Outkast. Can't stand the rest of the album though.

Embarassing...well, that might cover Kelis but what about Beyonce (whose music is 99% barfbag fodder but whose form and aspect are most pleasing to mine eye)? That song she did for "Goldmember" (Work It Out) and her first single...Crazy something or other... I like those a lot. Wish she'd do something with George Clinton. I think she's got a great voice for funk.

"Adia" by Sarah McLaughlin.
"Lucky" by Britney.

I'm sure there are more, but damned if I can think of 'em.

Two cuts I like on that ELP album: "Father Christmas", of course- a superior version to the overblown orchestrated single release, and "Brain Salad Surgery"- why that was left off the album of that title I'll never understand. I'm afraid that I don't remember a single track from that LP otherwise. Well, OK, there was that weird cover of Scott Joplin's "Maple Leaf Rag".