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Sausage with breakfast.
Chicken for lunch.
Beef, it's what's for dinner.

What are you doing for Eat An Animal for PETA Day?

I may even kick a stray dog just for the hell of it.

I kid, I kid.

But I did give thought to hunting and capturing my own food. Roasted crow and squirrel ka-bobs sounds just yummy.

Are there any desserts with meat in them? If not, I'll just have to have some umm....man meat.

What's on your plate tonight? And what should I smother my steak in?


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Mincemeat is used in desserts and it's got beef in it.

But it's fucking sick tasting. The words "beef" and "dessert" have same relationship as "sex" and "Cleveland Steamer". They should never be in the same sentance.

Kick a stray dog?! Watch it, lady. Better ya' should go cat-huntin' in Wisconsin.

And I'm havin' beef chunks in gravy for dinner.

Desserts made with milk qualify. Remember, PETA wanted college students to drink beer instead of milk. The "Got beer?" billboard.

Animal products work just as well. So have your ice cream for dessert, and you've offended PETA.

Can't beat that combination.

I will make sure to eat something very meaty. I had lamb on Sunday at a dinner :D

Mmm. Mincemeat. Don't think I'll be having any today, though.

Breakfast included milk, so I can check that off my list. Lunch was turkey noodle soup. Dinner will probably be veal -- one, because I'm dying for this veal dish at the local Persian restaurant and two, it's offensive to PETA on more than one level. Heh.

Cheddar Cheese on your apple pie, maybe. Or whipped cream. Or cheese and port.

For the steak: brown bacon, remove and chop. Fry some julianned onions, minced garlic, and small sliced mushrooms in the grease, then deglase with a bit of lemon juice. Add freshly ground black pepper, a bit of mustard, and the bacon bits. Google "steak Dianne" for better recipies.

Sausages with breakfast, smoked turkey for lunch, either catfish or hamburger or roast beef for supper, I haven't decided yet.

Roast beef for lunch, hot dogs for dinner.

McD's sausage, egg and cheese McGriddle for breakfast (pig, chick, cow). Probably nothing for lunch. Planning on George Foreman teriyaki burgers for dinner.

Don't know if you've ever seen "Friends," but Rachel made an interesting dessert trifle once: "Sugar, ladyfingers, cream, beef, peas, carrots, onions..."

Joey liked it...

3 meat pizza for lunch and Ham samm'ich for dinner

Deer. Deer I killed myself. I'm so excited!

well, if you have an iron chef available, you could ask for some trout ice cream with eyeball garnish....

As far as the steak is concerned I say bleu cheese sauce and mushrooms

Ah had mah Arby's chicken cordon bleu sandwich fer lunch -- no plans yet fer dinner...

Go Og! I have plenty of venison still in the freezer. Got some thawing on the counter. It's a whole week of holidays at our place.

Just killed and spit-roasted a hippy.

It was gamey and chewy, hardly any meat on it... what the fuck do they feed those things anyway?

Ain't it swell that Meryl chose MY BIRTHDAY for IEAPD?

Other birthdays today: Fabio, Sly "and the Family" Stone, Phil Lesh, Ry Cooder, Craig Wasson, Dee "Fear the Mullet" Snider, Park Overall, Jimmy "the Talented Baio" Baio, Terrence Trent D'Arby and Bret "Poison" Michael

Does anybody know-- will I find freshly-clubbed baby seal in the seafood section, or at the meat counter?

If you need an animal based dessert, you can always go with Jell-O.

Braised Lambchops for lunch (eating out on the Boss's dime, natch) and tonight the gf and I are having chicken breasts stuffed with proscuitto and portabellas.

As for the steak - grill it rare and smother it with onions and mushrooms sauteed to the point that the onions begin to carmelize, that's good eatin'.

Beef Burgers for dinner. I also had a bologna sandwich for lunch, but I'm not sure that bologna actually counts as a meat product.

We were going to have lamb burgers for dinner on the concept that we should eat the cutest animal possible, but the frozen lamb was tainted.

Large nuclear chicken breasts. Mmmm.

I have to say for dinner I had pork chow mein...

Just fried up a pound of bacon - just for the hell of it!

I've got a bunch of chedder cheese biscuits in the fridge from yesterday. I'll slap some ham on them, add in a little honey mustard, some tomato and lettuce, and call it a meal.

Oh Carol! One of the best times I ever had was watching bacon fry while tripping on acid.

Rob- is that like eating pot brownies? Did you get a second hand high?

One of the best meals I ever had was sea turtle, slow roasted and served over rice cooked in coconut milk. It's easy to understand why they're endangered. They're just so damn yummy!

I do my duty every day. I figure I consume several chickens, 2-3 fish, over one dozen chicken embryos (aka eggs), and 1/2 a cow on a weekly basis. ;) All hail Dr. Atkins!

BBQ Pork sandwich with cheese for lunch. Sausage and beef burrito burgers for dinner. 100% Whole Milk with the coffee this morning. Plenty of snack foods made with animal lard preservatives.

Damn, I'm festive!

(vacationing in South Carolina helps with the fatty dead animal eating as well :-p)

Sausage for breakfast...

BBQ beef sandwich for lunch...

and the piece de resistance...

a pizza with all the meat toppings Dominos could muster for dinner!!!

Take that you tree huggin, tofu eatin, animal lovin hippies!

At least one animal from each of the five classes of vertebrates:

Mammal: cow (meatball sub, taco), pig
Bird: chicken
Fish: uh, fish
Reptile: fried gator tail
Amphibian: frog legs (Help! Uncle Kermit, help!)

And a couple of invertebrates, too - mussels and crab.

(Most species devoured at Chinese buffet.)

Tonight I had butchered avian carcass (chicken strips), plus plenty of oppressed bovine byproducts (milk, cheese, ect.)

Too bad I couldn't eat like the contestants on The Amazing Race tonight. Tonight's challenge was to eat four pounds of traditional Argentinean barbeque. Coincidence of TV programming??


All processed animals for me today...

Lunch was a Philly steak and cheese Hot Pocket.

For dinner, rigatoni in marinara with both sweet and hot Italian sausage. I'm ashamed to admit that the salad I had with dinner had no meat in it.

Man, animals yesterday, pancakes today, Guiness tomorrow.

This is the harshest/yummiest finals week ever.