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It's always the right time for pie

Today, March 14, is:

Steak and BJ Day
Pi Day (3.14, get it?)
Einstein's birthday
Potato chip day
Day of the Frozen Dead

What a day, eh?

Here, have some Pi(e).



That pie looks pretty tasty; it would take a helluva blowjob to beat it.

Sorry, on a diet; sin(π) for me, thanks.

Mmmmm. Pie. Pie is a good idea.

But then, when ISN'T pie a good idea?

Ah, yes, Frozen Dead Guy Day... I really should get up there sometime just for the entertainment value.

I'll be celebrating Steak & BJ day. Cause I'm on the Atkins diet and all.

mmmmm, pie...

That pie looks creepy ... in a shelac'd, Martha Stewart foodstylist way. It's probably been sprayed with 1/2 lb. of Aqua Net.

It's probably been sprayed with 1/2 lb. of Aqua Net.

Much like my sister's hair in 1987.

math geekiness, activate!

Pi. well, the first million digits, anyway.

Shoot. The wife is out of town today, so no BJ for me. Guess I'll have to choose one from the other column... let's see... I guess I'll raise a glass to Ted Williams, then. So be it.

Does fried steak count? Cuz that's what I got. We're sort of on a budget.

The other part, however, was most assuredly NOT budget. Yowzah!!