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Today is two months since I quit smoking.

There are days when I don't think about it at all.

And there are days when the cravings make me think about doing unspeakable things to those I love, said scenarios involving chainsaws and machetes.

Today is one of those days. But I will get through it, as I have gotten through the past eight weeks.

I could always direct my energies here, and finally post something I've been working on for two weeks that's sure to ruffle feathers and raise some eyebrows. Or not. That machete is sure looking good.

Two months. I hope you don't mind if I congratulate myself. I had no confidene in getting this far without falling off the wagon. I surprise even myself sometimes.


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As an ex/current/ex/current/ex/current smoker I know what an achievement that is.

Keep it up!

michele - there's something about that two month milestone that says "you've beaten it".

FYI - I literally dreamed about smoking on and off for about 5 years after I quit. I'd wake up feeling guilty for having smoked in my dream life till the auora of the dream wore off.

Congrats! :)

Quitting is a real battle and you deserve to celebrate every victory/milestone. I watched my mother quit after 35 years of 2 packs a day. She was a wreck for a while and some of us had to dodge more than a few thrown objects and insults (never a machete tho). But she made it and it's paid of for her health big-time. Hang in there, it's worth the struggle.

You go, girl!! Congratulations, and continued success!

Now, if we could just cure you of this damn Yankee thing.... ;0)

Anyone know a good exorcist??

are you kidding?? You should congratulate yourself every day!

Congratulations, Michele. I still get cravings every once in a very great while; they usually die after a couple of minutes. It's been twenty years or more since my last pack.

It's a fantastic accomplishment. I hope you realize how awesome it is!

Woo you!

Doesn't everything taste and smell better now? You never notice how pervasive the smell/taste is until it's gone. My mother said that after she quit, she got angry thinking about all the sensations she had missed.

Great job, Michele. You're past the worst of it, although now is the time when your mind will try to play tricks on you. For a while, I kept thinking things like "Maybe I could have a cigar - you don't inhale those."

But from here on out the cravings will get less and less, and eventually, the idea of smoking will seem just... wrong.

Like Slartibartfast, I still have smoking dreams every once in a while (I've been off the cigs for a good 8 or 9 years now), although they're fairly infrequent now. And I still do get the occasional left-field craving, but they go away fast, and I don't take them very seriously.

Keep on the path! Nicotine is, in my opinion, the Muhammad Ali of addictive drugs. Heroin is easier to quit. It will continue to tempt you for many years. Good luck. I used the gum for years, then quit the gum a few weeks ago. Now I have chewing gum cravings! It is insidious.

You should pat yourself on the back every day - gawd knows I do. Helps keep me Quit.

Constant reminders of how far you've come help to make sure you aren't tempted to smoke and start over.

I'm at 7 months now, and I'll be damned if I ever go back to Day 1.

congrats! _

It's because of people like you who quit smoking that the tobacco companies have to prey on our kids. Do society a favor and just go buy a pack.

Well done. As someone who lost a parent to smoking I salute your effort and wish you the best in continuing to breathe a little easier.

Mind? Hell, congratuate yourself EVERYDAY!! Do a jig, sing hossannas...

Brava, Michele, brava.

Congrat's on a major milestone - I'm proud of you, but not surprised.

Excellent, keep it up. Of all the vices, that one is the least rewarding. Nearly any of the others is more fun.

woohooo! hooray for you and Nosmo King!!


I actually checked in to ASV to get a not smoking update!

Tonight, I am going to my commit to quit reunion at the GLBT Center. I have not had a cigarette or lick of nicotine since the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Indeed, I can go days without thinking of it, and then there are those other consecutive days..

Congratulations, and keep it up. I smoked pipes and cigars, so it wasn't hard for me when I quit (although my fingernails took a major hit for a while). Finding something else to do with your hands helps.

It's 11 months to the day since I quit cold turkey. I have two rules: Remember why I quit = money; and don't cheat = smoking one or two that I bum from someone. Cheating is how I started back last time. My favorite part is when I dream about smoking, wake up, and realize it was just a dream. Keep it up.

Also, to kev: Everything doesn't taste and smell better now, although there are some smells that didn't bother me before that do now. There must be something wrong with me.

Farmer Joe said:
"But from here on out the cravings will get less and less, and eventually, the idea of smoking will seem just... wrong."

True. But, beware the relapse. In 1975 I had quit for 9 months. A "major crisis" caused me to buy a pack for "just a couple". That pack lasted two weeks. A year later I was back to 1 3/4 packs a day.

I quit for good in 1989. It worked becasue I WANTED to quit. Otherwise, forget it.
Good Luck, you've done the hardest part. We're all pulling for you !

Congrats, my friend. Were that I had your strength.

Think of it like leukemia. It never gets cured, but it will go into remission. Whether it stays in remission is up to you.

I am an ex-cokehead/doper/etc in remission since 1986.

Just do it.

may I congratulate you too. I understand a little about it, and it's no small accomplishment.

hang in there.

Congrats! It does get easier - next month will be 4 years for me (and in a few months it'll be 4 years of no drinking too).

How do you do it? I am on my fourth day of no smoking and I feel ready to cave already. I tried the patch the first two days and didn't like it so I went cold turkey. I feel lost and angry and I crave cigs so badly. I wasn't even a "heavy" smoker compared to most. I smoked between half pack and a pack a day. Please tell me it gets easier.