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The Saturday Six

[these links have expired - please stop back next week for more music]

I missed the Friday Five this week, so you get a bonus song for Saturday.

1. Taking Back Sunday - Slowdance on the Inside (Download)
Another in a long list of Long Island bands that I like to give props to. You may have heard of TBS - they're that band that makes all the little girls cut themselves. < /sarcasm >

2. Hot Hot Heat - Bandages. (Download)
I once described this band to someone as listening to the lead singer from Mindless Self Indulgence fronting The Cure. While you're drunk. This song is great. Grab a cosmopolitan, put on a swingy kind of skirt, and dance.

3. Danzig - You and Me (Less Than Zero) (Download)
There are few things better than listening to Danzig make sweet, sweet love to his own voice. This song is almost as over the top as the movie it's from, but that's nothing new for Danzig. It's just one of those songs that pops into my head when I'm in the shower and think no one can hear me and suddenly the soap dispenser is a microphone and I'm this stocky, self-absorbed singer and...well, you can imagine how it goes from there.

4. Nine Inch Nails - The Day The World Went Away (Download)
I mentioned to my husband today that I've been listening to Halo 14 almost exclusively at work. He thinks I'm nuts. I think he underestimates this album. It took me years to appreciate The Fragile for what it is. What I first thought was indulgent and overhyped is actually quite beautiful, if a bit harrowing.

5. Snot - Stoopid (Download)
This band would have been HUGE if the lead singer didn't die at the beginning of their career. This was in late '98, a time when Korn, Limp Bizkit and all the "nu metal" bands were gaining notoriety and Snot, while generally lumped into the same group with them, was heads above them as far as musical talent goes. Damn shame.

6. Wu-Tang - Shame on a Nigga (Download)
Everyone needs a little Wu now and then. Personally, I prefer at least once a day. Your mileage may vary. Your babies' mammas miss you, ODB!

Now that was nice and eclectic, eh?

And an extra bonus - Jim's got his jukebox up and there's some GnR to be had!

Apropos of nothing, Fark has been down all day. I'm starting to get cranky.

And even more apropos of nothing, I just want to say that Guitar Center in Carle Place rocks. If you live on Long Island and you're in the market for some music type stuff, go there. The people who work there are knowledgeable and incredibly nice. And I just love the vibe there on Saturdays.


And if six songs isn't enough, SXSW has about 3 gigs of songs from this year's bands right here.

The songs are alphabetized by artist. I'm at Co- and have over 9 hours of songs left.

The SOAD & Wu-Tang clan version of Shame on a Nigga is also enjoyable, I think.

You always post the Wu for me don't you Michele?

I love you for it. I have specific tastes in rap and you always seem to hit it just right.

It was a toss-up between Wu and Nas, but I felt that Gabe vibe and went with the Clan.

Glad to know I was transmitting on the right frequency.

Good call on the Hot Hot Heat.....love it.

As a Shaolin boy, you can never go wrong with a Wu Tang tune.

If it were possible to wear out a CD, my Legend of the Wu Tang would be done. I put the fucking buck in the wild kid...

I remember seeing Snot open for Drain STH in a tiny, tiny club in Toledo, OH and they rocked out. They also let some fan from the audience come up onstage and jam out on a song with them, which I always thought was pretty cool.

You ever heard of theSTART? Jamie Miller from Snot is in that band. I love 'em.

"And even more apropos of nothing, I just want to say that Guitar Center in Carle Place rocks."

I'm visiting my brother down in South Carolina - he just recently discovered that the movers swiped his prized Gibson Marauder that he bought from the hall of fame and had customized and upgraded. 9 guitars, and they took the most valuable one - yeah, there's nothing suspicious about that...