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on the court house shooting

Because I work in a courthouse, I got a slew of emails in the last 24 hours about the lunatic who killed the Judge and two others in Atlanta.

Every courthouse has different rules and regulations, as far as security goes. What goes on where I work is not necessarily how it works in that particular county in Atlanta, or even specific to that courthouse.

Honestly, I haven't seen that many people go bezerk while in court and the ones who do, oddly enough, usually aren't the people who are there for violent crimes. The nuttiest defendants I've come across have all been in civil cases. My boss told me of one case in Westchester where a guy who lost a civil suit drove by the presiding judge's house and shot him dead while he was gardening.

Anyhow, to answer your questions, I really can't shed any light on this. It's pretty scary, though.

Now it looks like a customs agent was just found dead in Atlanta and his ID and gun are missing - could be connected.

How this guy got away so fast and is still running free is beyond me. I do hope at this point that when they catch him, they kill him.

The agent's pickup truck is also missing. It's a blue truck, license plate APG 621.

And I love this: relatives are shocked -SHOCKED! that this "nice young man" shot people! Uh..he was in court to answer charges for raping his girlfriend. I think he stopped being a "nice young man" way before he killed innocent people.

[And now there's a hostage situation north of Atlanta]

CNN is reporting that NIchols is in custody. ATF has confirmed it.

As far as I can tell, that hostage situation was with Nichols.

More here. Jeff Quinton has updates.


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It's over now. They have Nichols in custody.

Thank Lord for that. My condolences for the families of his victims. May he rot in prison...or worse, get the death penalty*. He was really asking for it all along.