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saturday morning stuff

Yippee! It's snowing like a bastard, AGAIN! Someone just drug me and wake me up when there's some color outside besides white and gray.

Note 1: If for some reason you are still using my Yahoo email address, don't. I went in there today for the first time in months and deleted 4,325 pieces of mail. Use the contact address in my left sidebar, please.

Note 2: The Voices Project is gone. For now. All the files have been removed from ASV and will, eventually, be put in a nicer, more fitting home. For now, if you are linking to the Voices project, the link will go nowhere. I'll make an announcement when the permanent home of Voices goes up. But it won't be for a while. It's purposely on the back burner.

Note 3: Changed my mind about using Blogger for the Yankee blog. It will be over here. I'll be working on that today. Check out the new banner.


I couldn't believe we had more snow over here (in Detroit.) March is the worst, I think.

Thank you.

I was in my normal saturday routine: sleep late, make coffee, read a few blogs. I get to ASV and see this. What? Snow? but the storm didn't show up last night!?!?!? look out window... looks like a six inch snowfall out in eastern Suffolk.

Unfortunately I park my vehicle on the street so my wife and I can both get out without playing musical cars. If we're expecting a big snow, I'll move them both into the driveway, so (a) I only have to dig out a driveway's width of hard packed plow droppings to get both vehicles free to go to work, and (b) digging the pickup out when the plows have played "how close to this guy's door can I get" really sucks. Anyway, I got both cars dug out and in the driveway, and I'm back to coffee and blogs, and the plow hasn't come yet.

The story would be better if it ended "and five minutes after I finished, the plow came along. Thank you, Michele." but it's been five minutes and the plow hasn't been by yet.

Actually as I typed that, a plow went by, but he had his blade lifted so I guess he wasn't getting paid.

Anyway, thanks for the weather update. It's sad when it's easier to find out online than to poke your head out the window...

Well, the plow just came by. If I had been twenty minutes slower off the mark I'd be plowed in now.

Thanks for the weather update.

No problem. We only got about three inches here and the sun is trying to come out, so I'm guessing the streets will turn to pools of slush before we see a plow.

Meanwhile, here in Paradise it's supposed to be 82 degrees, dry, and sunny. ;0)


Blogger is Evil. (She said while waiting for 20 minutes at least three times a day to get into her own goddamn blog.) (Yup, it's still clocking . . . I'm going to bed.)