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die, spammers, die. again.

I'm being deluged by trackback spammers today.

I'm on strike until they leave me alone.


Ok. I'm not on strike. I'm just too busy to blog. And sttrike sounded more interesting than swamped with work.


Oh yeah...THAT'LL work.

Well, I wasn't expecting it to work. It's a ruse to make them think I'm doing one thing, when what I'm really doing is plotting each and every one of their deaths.

By fire ants.

That's not painful enough of a death for them.

It's spammers that make me wish we could clone humans. That way you could repeatedly fire-ant one of 'em whenever the mood struck.

You could get the MT-Close2 hack and close all the trackbacks.

I was attacked by trackback spammers on Sunday, it was a mess and I have been watching google searches that have been sending people to me for the worst of reasons. I turned mine off for a while too. The only funny thing about it is Dave Barry was hit by the same guys I was, one of his posts showed up in the same search.

The bastards seem to like Fridays. I guess it's because there are a lot more clueless people searching for stuff on the weekends. The latest version of Wordpress has made it a lot easier to flush that crap away before it ever gets in, but I still have to delete all the notification e-mails. I guess I shouldn't complain, at least someone mails me. sigh...

It's not that the bastards just like Fridays, but they tend to go off during heavy gambling times for their off-shore gambling sites. This week, it's March Madness spam.

I threw in the towel last week and eliminated trackbacks from my blog. Now, between that and shutting comments down after two weeks plus MT Blacklist, I rarely have to bother with any nonsense.

I hate to jinx it, but I killed my spammers (I'm using Wordpress) without having to shut off trackbacks. When I get out of Computer Hell™ (ISP connection issues) I'll look into whether my hack/fix will work with MT and get back with you.
skillzy (or other WP'ers who I know aren't spammers) -- email me since you're on WP and I'll clue you in. I can't tell ya here or the spammy bastards might find the trick...

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