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Well, it's been a very long and busy day. And of all the things that happened to me today, this is the one that will, by far, have the most long lasting ramifications:

I have decided that from now on I will call my potato chips crisps. And I'll say it with a Brit accent.


And call your cookies "biscuits."

And call your couch the "settee."

And call your husband's privates his "wonder willy."

Not that I've seen it or anything.

I've always wished I were British just so I could call people "whinging ponces" without sounding stupid.

Admit it Michele, you just want justification to use the phrase, "Sod off, Swampy". Actually, so do I. So I'm gonna take the lift on my pram to watch the telly.

You should liberally pepper your posts with "wankah" and "tossah."

Watch ouit for those Olestra (sp?) crisps or you'll be spending an inordinate amount of time in the loo.

So do you call your Freedom Fries "chips" now?

Ah, brilliant. 'Course you'll have to change your tagline to "your article is the more arsehole ever!"

That's not freedom

And you'll spend the next couple of years helping your kids get ready to go to "university".

Settees are actually a type of couch. The other types are love seats.

Wanker is a good one too.

And the best thing, you can have your friends knock you up.

Several times a day, even.

Anyone fancy a fag?

Disconnect - Don't say that. Michele's gone off them.

So should we take to calling you Tina Turner or some other celebrity that has adopted a British Accent for no apparent reason?

This is a one way deal isn't it?

mmm'k, shutting up.

Haha - with all those words you could pass for Australians too. Those words are like half my vocabulary.

Here's a nice list of Britishisms to slip into conversation. The author claims that printed, it'd be 45 sheets of A4 (itself a non-American reference) paper.

I actually miss having paper sized as A4... but then again, I miss the metric system too.