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just one hit

I just spent most of the day at work with no internet connection. It was horrible.

Before I go lay down to recover from having the non-connection vapors, I just want to thank everyone who donated to my passive/aggressive fund drive. You all rock my socks.

Ok. One more thing. Remember that new EXTREME Bugs Bunny? Go watch this.

Not safe for work, small children, grandmothers, or the moral majority.

/via joel

[save our looney tunes - some 11 yr old kid who's pissed about the new toons]


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Geez, just think how much money you could be raking in if you weren't turning down donations...

Silly. I'm only turning down donations from frequent flyers :)

BTW, that video wasn't so bad; I let my 3 year-old daughter see it... Oh, did I mention I had the sound turned off 'cus I was listening to the radio at the time?

If only the real Extreme Buzz Bunny were going to be half as good. Or even half as annoying.

Oh that's beautiful... Tarrantino remakes Looney Toons. Spec-friggin-tacular.

I distinctly think I heard the phrase 'man yogurt on your udders' and 'dick lemurs'.

That's just great.

Yes! If the new Looney Tunes were like that, I'd be tuning in!

Aw yeah...drive by with a monkey...

No internet connection for a whole work day? Don't say things like that, it's too scary.

Can't type... laughing too hard... can't breathe... dying... (thud)