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why do you hate me, america?


Why, America? WHY?


(Doing a Rev. Lovejoy impersonation)
There there....there there......

Every time my seven-year-old son sees or hears her, his response is to squeeze his eyes shut, put his hands over his ears, and shout "Make it stop! It burns. It BURNS! I totally feel your pain.

I hate her like she was a terrorist.

Hey, I've seen that photo before! ;-) Todd replies, "My eyes! The goggles...they do nothing..."

maybe it has to do with that god-awful pink lipstick...

Ok, who is she and why should I care?

... because she looks like a tranvestite thai prostitute?

How come she's a teenager and already looks like a victim of bad plastic surgery?

Hey, I love the New York Dolls! And from that pic, David Johansen has held up really well.

Awwww, c'mon now. She's fun in that Fran Drescher and Gary Coleman have had a love child sort of way.

I don't know who that is, but I hate her.

My wife has never watched a second of 'American Idol.' Normally, I only watch the first few rounds so I can laugh at the freakshow that is totally untalented people actually crying when not moving on thinking they really are talented.

However, this time, I have decided to give it a much further look so I started watching on Monday. I didn't bother watching the women sing on Tuesday. Last night I watched the voting and my wife happened to take a peek. She saw her and immediately said, "I'd vote her off for that face alone" and went right back to reading her book.

She's normally not one to say things like that. At all.

Good lord. It's Tammy Faye.

I hear no complaints that Constantine made it through. I'd rather have TWO of Babs Jr. there than even a half of Constantine.

"I hear no complaints that Constantine made it through"

Try clicking on the link.

For those who don't know who she is, she talks exactly like Fran Drescher/"The Nanny". It's horrifying.

As far as Constantine, I've concluded I hate him slightly less than Federov. They both suck, but Federov willingly chose a Richard Marx song and then bombed "I Want To Know What Love Is". Doing a bad karaoke Sting impression and generally being a wuss are lesser crimes.

Constantine just has that shit eating smirk that tells me he was in a D&D club in high school before 'discovering' The Velvet Underground.

He's like the incestuous love child of all the members of Creed.

Is that a man?