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An Important Note About those Bunny Suicides

Last week I linked to something called Bunny Suicides (I have deleted the post). It was a bunch of drawings of, well, bunnies committing suicide in hilarious fashion.

Turns out the the page I linked to is nothing more than scans taken from two actual books, with no credit given to the author at all - just someone completely ripping off the artistic work and wit of someone else. Bogus, dude.

If you liked the Bunny Suicides and you would like to help the author, Andy Riley (who sent me an email about this today and to whom I profusely apologize), recoup some of the money he's surely lost because a plethora of websites are now hosting his unaccredited images, you can purchase the books here and here, at Amazon.

If you have linked to the bunny suicide pictures, please consider adding a link to the books and attributing the rightful owner/author/illustrator of the images, Andy Riley.



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Very good of you to do this. I had seen them before and had no idea who the actual author was.

Great stuff, Mr. Riley.

Plagiarism; the bad side of the internet.

Those were damned funny. I think I'll have to buy the book.

Memo to the MSM:

This is a good way to do corrections, guys. Admit an ooops, or admit you got conned as in this case, make amends and move on.

Maybe someday the NYT will be as open, honest and respectable as ASV (*cough* in your dreams cough)

Plagarism is the dark side of the net, honest admission of mistakes and rapid, open corrections is the light side.

Does that make Michele a blog-Jedi?


The post you deleted is still here:


Thought I rebuilt...must try again.

An email would have been better, bunny.

Amazon has a Andy Riley plagiarizing Andy Martin.

Michele, rebuilding in Movable Type doesn't delete files whose entries have been deleted from the database. You have to use FTP to delete the file.

"If you were driving WordPress, you'd be home by now." :-D

Anyway, thanks for bringing this "bunny" issue to my attention.