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Oy. Vey.

I've been putting this off because I just didn't feel like dragging out the political blogging thing again, but I would like to stop the emails, links, etc. because you all are just getting annoying now.

In reference to this Media Matters item:

  • Writing posts on blog and leaving comments on blogs are two entirely different things. Come on, MM. You should know that.
  • Mr. Bray didn't leave his comment as if he was acting in any capacity for the Boston Globe. In fact, I didn't know until this week that he was a writer for that paper at all. In fact, I didn't even remember the comment until I found the link to MM in my referrals and even then, I had no idea who Hiawatha Bray was. WHO CARES?
  • This is not a conservative blog. How can a blog be conservative anyhow? The author can be conservative, but the blog - being an inanimate (albeit shift-shaping, constantly changing entity) object - cannot be conservative or liberal or communist or whatever. Unless it has, like, hammers and sickles on it. Then maybe you could call it communist. In an aesthetic sort of way.
  • The author of this blog is not a conservative. I am Republican, yes that's true. And it's true that John Kerry was not my choice for president in 2004. And it's true that I wrote a screed (many more, actually) againt him in September of 2004. But I actually touched a real, live gay person once and some of my best friends are godless bastards, (oh wait, I'm a godless bastard!) and I VOTED FOR RALPH NADER, so put that in your world peace pipe and inhale it, baby.
  • Mr. Bray's comment on ASV also included this:

The Zucker brothers, by the way, made a much less successful but almost as funny movie called Top Secret! which featured a wonderful sight gag with an exploding Ford Pinto. But I bet you knew that.

But Media Matters saw fit to leave that part out. Why? What are you hiding? Why do you hate the Zucker Brothers, Media Matters? WHY DO YOU HATE FORD PINTOS? I demand answers!

Until I find out why MM brazenly and shockingly decided to leave out that portion of the offending comment, I will not answer the charges against me.

Oh, there are no charges against me. Ok, fine. But I know things that would make your hair curl, Mr. S.S.M of Media Matters.


Glad I got that out of my system.

Also, I think I might have said this already, but please stop calling me a conservative. It really chafes my hide, as they say. And trust me, the last thing my hide needs is more chaffing.

We now return to your regular non-political, non-imporant-news, non-how blogs are going to destroy careers/mainstream media/John Kerry/your mom blogging.


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So this is me, posting on a 'blog'.

Great timing, and all, since I just got back from my airborne laser volcano lancing test mission, which, all in all, didn't go as well as planned, so we threw a Pinto at it and ...yowsa!

Think that calls for a treat, maybe, fish sticks, side of mac and cheese. mmmm fish sticks.

Why do you hate Mt. St. Helens, Wind Rider?

Michele, I think you're gravely mistaken on one point. You should be asking why the Globe is trying to PROTECT Ford by helping in the Pinto coverup and suppressing the truth about them.

Other than that, fine rant.


I checked the Media Matterictionary:

conservative n. anyone who disagrees with Oliver Willis: So then I called that conservative Jeff Jarvis an idiot!

Mt. St. Helens is just a pawn in the larger game.

It's all about the Pintos....the Pintos. Brown and Orange Pintos....


Glad you got that out of your system. Bray has now been silenced (and all others similarly situated have received fair warning: Speak out against the powers that be, and we'll take your job from you. This is why I comment - and blog - anon.)

You are next on the hit list (judging from what I read about the FEC's plans).

Good luck.

Media Matters is upset about a journalist showing bias?

Holy shit, my IronyMeter just exploded.

First Gannon, and now this --- man conservatives are sunk!

You will never be free of political blogging. Once you think you've escaped, the poitical side of the blogsphere will reach out like "The Thing that Would Not Die" and grab you around the knees.

"Top Secret!" - the movie that gets funnier and funnier
Dr. Flammond:
"A year ago, I was close to perfecting the first magnetic desalinization process. So revolutionary, it was capable of removing the salt of over 500 million gallons of sea water a day. Do you realize what that could mean to the starving nations of the earth."

"Wow, they would have enough salt to last them forever."

You're not fooling anyone ya know! If you're to the right of Oliver, you're a conservative. Come on, Michele, face up to the truth like , er, the godless bastard we know you are.

Sometimes, when I close my eyes and think really hard about blogging, I see a vision of a man, dressed in black leather, jumping his motorcycle over a tank with a man-eating shark in it...

However, such visions do not deter me, for I Am Blogger!

Let me just say, in my opinion, I had the very best comment on the "Kerry's exploding fuel tank" issue. So there.

real conservatives don't show their hooters to anyone who can lip syncy three lines of an NIN song

G, that was supposed to be between us.

Joke post by Media Matters; they also lied about none of the SBVfT members being at any of Kerry's medal incidents (Larry Thurlow & Van O'Dell were at the incident which got Kerry a Bronze Star & his third Purple Heart), about Kerry releasing his complete medical records (Kerry released only the medical report for his first Purple Heart), and probably about a couple other things. What a shock!

I think the phrase "jumped the shark" has itself jumped the shark. I consider it nearly as annoying as Mikalah Gordon.

Shot the Burns?
Unleashed the Black Album?
'Bam'med it?
Hired the Bettman?