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ice, ice, baby

This one goes out to you warm climate people.

That's not snow. It's about two inches of crusty ice.

Just in case you were wondering what you're missing.

Die, winter, die.


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(*cough, cough*)

60 degrees!


What, I didn't say anything.

I just can't relate to that, what with living on a tropical island in the pacific. But thanks for the scary picture. My in-laws live in Annapolis and refer to snow as the "dreaded white stuff."

It's March...is ice common for March?

75 today, expected to hit 81 by Friday. But then we'll be back down to our normal spring weather....60's.

Honestly, I don't know which is worse - the ice/frozen ground, or the days that immediately follow it (my white dog turns into a mud-dog) --- ugh. I just want to skip right to the part where things start growing again.

It just took me six hours to drive 35 miles on the Long Island Expressway. Evidently, the state Transportation Department hasn't yet heard of that invention known as the snow plow.

As I'll be in New York next week, I'd appreciate it if you'd work some of your sinister dark side NYY magic on that ice. I'd hate to be sitting in the back of a NY taxi coming from La Guardia to Manhattan in that stuff. ;-)


Well,it looked very pretty at least during my 4 HOUR drive home. Trust me, at least you seem to live close to your work. I work in Amityville and live just east of the William Floyd. And I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago--so not only was it four hours of below 10 miles an hour avg, it was also four hours of agony. The problem with the pain meds is that you can not take them AND drive safely.

I hope you feel better, the cider is starting to kick in and I'm starting to feel less.

And I do agree,
"Die, winter, die."


well, after 3x our normal rainfall (with a record number of homes redtagged due to sliding off hills)...today was mid-70's..80's tomorrow.

I'm dreading the shoveling I'll have to do tomorrow, but for the moment, I'm enjoying the storm.

Of course, this jumbo mug of mulled wine is helping my mood some. Heh.

Hmm, the weather is gorgeous here. In the high 60s/low 70s, clear skies and sunny. Oh, and Mount Saint Helens is erupting. All in all, today's pretty nice.

I would give anything for that right now...there's nothing like sitting by an outdoor fireplace, out in the snow, smoking a cigar and reflecting on anything that comes to mind...

Here in Atlanta, for some reason, December and March are colder and precipitation-ier than January and February. High 50s this week, overcast, and breezy. Great dayhiking weather, if I could get away.

Hello from Fort Lauderdale! Thanks for the picture. I'll stop wondering now. :) We set our air conditioners here to a nice, chilly 74.

people who gloat that they don't have to deal with snow should be subjected to a snow enema >:(

Well I live in Texas and that never happens here. I feel for ya and am sorry you have to live like that. It has been a nice winter here, 65 today. Wish it would stay that way all year.


Denver today:

Pleasant morning
Dust storm
White out (snow and wind gusting to 50MPH)
Sunny and warming

Very odd, but I love it.

72 in Richmond yesterday, and effing snow today. We only got a bit, though.

Michele, we've seen that much ice down in Richmond more than once. It's always followed by power outages. Be thankful you live in a true metropolitan area, not a backwater like this one.

With how the wind is howling the ocean is not fun either. we had a very bumpy ride on the ferry going from manhattan to the highlands tonight.

It's absolutely hideous. I hate it here so much right now. I was just in Portland where it was a wonderful (and unnaturally warm) 60-70 every day. Beautiful weather and an erupting volcano... Philly just can't compare.

At least you were home to take pictures of it. I had to drive over that sheet of ice.

hmmmm.....at least it's not trying to trick you....ya know.....60 degrees in the morning, lotsa snow by early afternoon. kentucky sucks.

15 degrees here in Detroit this morning, Not much snow on the roads at least yet today.

I'm glad I'm on maternity leave... and leaving to go to NC tomorrow. Ugh. Looks like March is going to give February a run for its money.

I hate this weather.

Had no end of fun last night turning my dogs into a mini-Iditarod team and dragging my ass up and down the iced over street in front of my house. Then woke up this morning and realized there was no salt left to get rid of this crap.

So now I'm off to Home Depot, and on the way back I'll be stopping at the Staten Island Zoo and strangling the resident groundhog, Chuck, who promised me Spring was just around the corner. "Die, you lying, vermin, die!"

Just remember michele, all these warm-climate people giving you a hard time will be dealing with 90 degree / 90 precent humidity weather in July / August. (Except those darn Arizonans, it's a dry heat, you know :) ).

Take down names.

It's actually been quite cold in Nashville for March. so please don't put ME on that list.

As Meryl said, 70 Sunday, snowed Monday, clear Today, high 41. Welcome to Richmond in March (as in unpredictable as hell). But, as us locals say, "Came in like a lion, will leave like a lamb." Can't @%^#$ wait.

I hate winter.

Imperial Keeper

yeah, and then they'll be dealing with tornados, hurricanes, (mmmm hurricanes) mudslides, sinkholes, oh yeah and mosquitoes the size of humming birds… I’ll take a few months of hibernation…

TC, you shouldn't have trusted that poser. Punxsatawney Phil accurately predicted this shitte. Anyway, out here it looks positively beautiful outside -- no snow, sun shining, sky a crystal clear blue -- and it's 15 frickin' degrees. Usually I'm a happy winter person, but I am so ready for it to be over.

Analog, he's a local...I gotta go with the local guy (who was curiously no where to be found when I swung by the zoo).

...he sighs as he looks wistfully through his kitchen window at the palm tree in the backyard waving gently in the warm, tropical breeze.... ;o)

Up here in upstate NY the weather has been disgusting. Hit 50 two days ago, today the high will be 18, with 20 mph winds. God I miss Texas! We may need a sacrifice to appease the snow demons so we can finally put away the parkas.

Believe it or not, I actually kind of MISS that...

Put it's so pretty. Or your photo of it is anyway.

I'm living in gray, hardly get above freezing, and tease you with a flurry or two Germany at the moment. Sigh.

Sunday it was 70. Sent kids to play outside until they slept where they fell. Gotten progressively colder with a flurry blizzard yesterday. I spent my "hard time" of 13 years in the Frozen Tundra of Upstate NY. This is peanuts. But at least the teasers come on the weekends...

I still love it :-p

Was out this morning chopping through that 2" of rock solid ice at work. By noon, the ice in front of the store-front next to us that wasn't even shoveled at all was nearly all melted away - just another day in the city.

@ BlkMktBabyDealer - it was 62° Monday and 22° yesterday during the storm (dropped lower overnight). If this is your weather pattern, please take it back!

i'm not missing that....well maybe to that extent...lol

it was 70 on monday and 20 on tuesday. i believe lewis black said it best when he said, "and my balls can't take it."