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welcome to the dark side

So I'm thinking of starting another group blog: Coalition of the Dark Side.

This would be the place to do all your Red Sox/Mets bashing as well as talk about the Yankees, do game recaps, boxscores, clubhouse news and gossip, voodoo spells, bitching and complaining about Steinbrenner, hopping on and off the Giambia bandwagon and whatever else Yankee comes to mind.

If anyone is interested, please say so in the comments here. I've already made the site (it's going to be on blogger) and I'm ready to go. I just need company. Together, we will destroy the Red Sox Nation and make Met fans run for their mommies. You don't know the power of the dark side!

Thanks to Jay Caruso for sending along the image on the right, which is his sister made and, like the Caruso family, I will be printing on t shirts for my whole family to wear. Proudly. I think we will make it the official t-shirt of the Coalition of the Dark Side.

Note to SMFRSF: We've only just begun.


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Hey, Michele, I'm a Braves fan and I also hate the Mets. Can I join in?

Well, you may as well provide the link since, from the information you provided, we can all easily guess on the URL =)

it's only spring training... and we still have the ALCS from last year, which you will NEVER, EVER erase the bitter sting of!

On another note: I hate the mets ALMOST as much as that other team from NYC... can I join your coalition??


Oh my goodness Michele, ME!!! I've been reading your site for ages, havent commented much (I dont think?) but I really need to be a part of that blog. Diehard dark side fan :) I also need to print that image on a shirt, if you don't mind? It's just too perfect

Oh, I am SO there!

Yesterday's score: 9-2 Yanks win. It's only pre-season but it gives us a taste of the imminent future!

I think there's a typo on the image. It should read, "The Empire Strikes Out".

The Chokees are going down gagging, just like a New Yorker foolish enough to finish off a sack of White Castle sliders solo.

I don't want to join, for obvious reasons but I would like to suggest a few topic posts you could start with:

What the hell am I going to do with all these Who's Your Daddy T-Shirts?

Being one out away from a sweep and still managing to lose a seven game series: Coping with being alone in the history books.

Exactly why did we pay so much money for A-Rod?

What do we do now that we can't hold anything over the heads of Red Sox fans?

Yankee fans are teh gay

Just a slight correction. My brother's friend designed the graphic. My brother put up the initial scratch to get a silkscreen made of it and bought a whole bunch of ready made shirts which he will be selling.

I was born and raised a Yankees fan, but as much as I'd like to join, I can't. See, I have sworn not to root for the Yankees again until George Steinbrenner is dead. I came back to the fold when he was banned from baseball, but not even that seems to be permanent any more, so I'll have to wait until he's dead.


I NEED the T-Shirt. Will be attending Spring Training game against Phillies in Tampa on Saturday.

Great idea. Only problem is I like the Mets in all cases except when playing against the Yankees.

I'm definitely in. I've been ready for baseball season since Christmas.

Jay - Kudos to your brother's friend, that image is awesome. I'd wear it proudly.


I think I hear the echos of a "Yankees Suck" cheer reverberating through the dugouts of Yankee Stadium... They say you can still here it on the wind... The yelps of joy from Boston Fans celebrating in the hallowed bleachers of the House the Ruth built.

But you know, congratulations on that big Spring Training win! Good job guys! That really must take the bite out of that stinging sensation leftover from October. That's worth 220 million.

Michele, just how big is your tent? I'm a Red Sox fan who enjoys mocking the hapless, helpless NYMets. So I'd be kind of like a Log Cabin Imperial. Or is that self-hating Sox fan?

I get so confused.

Tom: You're obviously not a NYC guy, because only hicks from the sticks call them "sliders."

They are "Belly Bombs" and I can put away two sacks at a crack with only some mild windage resulting from consuming the beasties.

Michele, I've been a big fan of your blog for years, and have had you in my links section on my blog for a while as well.

I'm a born and raised Yankee zealot, who went to school in Boston and count many Sawx fans among my friends. I am keenly in-tuned with the loser mentality that even their triumphant 2004 Championship could not erase from the souls of the Yankee-haters in Beantown. I think I could provide some perspective from behind enemy lines...

TC@LeatherPenguin, you are correct. I am not a NYC guy. "Belly Bombs", eh? I'll have to remember that. However, "mild windage" by NYC standards is about fifty times worse than the stench of a mixture of rotten eggs and sulfur. Or, about the same as the performance of the Chokees last October.

After 43 years, I'm walking away from those pathetic, mismanaged wretches the Cubs. I've adopted the Yankees as my new team, and I'm ready to go! Saving my formal announcement at my site for opening day - it'll be a scathing indictment of the Tribune company, Dusty Baker and the 97year record of futility that has led me to this decision.

Where do I sing up?!

Pursuit, never walk away from the Cubbies, this could be the year. Prior and Wood will amaze this year. Trust me.

Michele and the rest of the Empire, build it and we will come. We will come not to talk trash but to listen to your disfunctions pour from you souls after another .500 month of baseball. And when the Mets have a better record and the Devil Rays are close behind, we will be there to hear your cries of anguish. Oh 2005 is going to be a great year.

good luck.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but FUCK THE YANKEES.

Sorry, Michele.

but they won the PRESEASON game... that should count for something!!!


wear your shirt... and your record choke!

Not a Yankees fan, but I did sort of enjoy Giambi's shot in the Spring Training game. Hope he can make a good comeback.

What we really need is a place to campaign for the permanent downfall of the Evil Empire...;)
And the ascension of say the Devil Rays to prominence in the AL East.

The empire strikes back (four times!). for the dbacks, angels, marlins, and the sox. nuff said. errr, they aren't on top of much of anything these days.


You obviously are an evil drone of the Tribune Corporation.

Go Yanks!

It's cute how Boston fans think Yankee fans are affected at all by the loss last year. The team deserved to win, and they did a brilliant job of it too (it may have taken 86 years, but still), but acting like sore winners doesn't vindicate them whatsoever. They may have beaten the Yankees to get to the series (they didn't beat them in regular season standings, but still), but be real - they lost to the NY Mets the last time they were in the show. The friggin' Mets - Yikes...

The 'sox and the mets do have one thing in common though - they both have 24 FEWER World Series Rings than the Yanks do :-p

You know I'm in for this one.

Start it up. A place to silence those annoying Boston people once and for all. OOOOH they won ONE world series in 86 years. Big freaking whoop. Go yankees, mets suck and mets fans are even bigger losers than the mets.

So, I'd join, but only if I can trash the mediahos who trash my Yanks.

Mind you, I can live with the honest ones who admit they hate the Yanks upfront. But those who do it every day, day in and day out, without at least giving an appropriate warning that their personal feelings may be leaking abit into their journalistic integrity, well, let's rock and roll, We need someplace to piss about them. Is this it?


Did you see the news? Wood's arm was stiff yesterday and he had to leave in the 2nd. The more that things change, the more they stay the same.


Go Yanks!

Count me in.

i am interested. please let me know if i can join.

um also i want to buy a tshirt--jay or michele let me know the link where i can get it.

Yankees . . . try growing up in Pittsburgh and rooting for the Pirates, who, if you haven't noticed, haven't won a stinking thing since the 90s.

Or moving to Baltimore, where the story is similar (though Cal Ripkin was there for a while, chasing the Iron Man record, and that helped deaden the pain).

Both cities hate the Yankees - the Pirates because they haven't been to the World Series since the 70s while the Yanks have gone a lot more, and the Orioles because they KNOW they could get in the playoffs if the Yankees AND the Red Sox didn't both live in their division and beat up on them all the time - or at least, so most think.

Just an aside - how on earth do you pick which New York sports team to root for? The city has multiple teams in multiple sports, but you guys cultivate a hatred toward other NY teams. How do you decide you are a Yankee fan? How do you pick between the Jets and the Giants, both of whom play in New Jersey? My loyalty to the Steelers is unquestioned by any close by teams - they are all far enough from where I grew up to say "I won't root for you guys." I still hate the Ravens, even though I live here. How do you figure out which team to root for?

Love the logo. Sign me up.

I would not be so sure.