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American Idol Confessions: Bo and Con

[The live blogging of tonight's show here]

There's no point in denying it anymore. I've got my freak on for American Idol this season. Past seasons, I always watched with a bemused detachment before, using the show more as a means to spend some time with my daughter than anything else. Oh, fine. I kind of enjoyed it. I may have even blogged about it. But this season, I'm totally immersed in the goings on of the AI crew. So much so, that I live blog the damn thing three nights a week.

bocon.jpgSo let me just get it right out in the open, right now, that I am totally excited about tonight's episode. See, it's boys night out again. And this time, the real battle lies within the war, folks. Pay no attention to the rest of the guys lined up on stage. Mario, Anwar - there's very little they can do wrong at this point. The real steel cage match is between the two rockers, Bo and Constantine.

At first, I was a big fan of Constantine. Oh, I knew this was nothing more than a publicity stunt for him, that he was only doing this to get his band's name out in the public arena. He probably figured he would hang on for a few rounds, each time giving his band a plug, maybe doing one of those adoring Ryan Seacrest interviews where they go and talk to his fellow band members who maybe stage some theatrics and call Constantine a sell out. Makes for good tv, and makes for good PR.

So Constantine endeared himself to the teenage girl in most of us. He winked, he smiled, he pouted, he carried himself like a bad boy of rock and roll and most of us played right along with him. The one thing Constantine didn't count on was having another rocker make the finals with him. And he certainly didn't count on that guy being more talented and more charming than him.

So Constantine became churlish. He dropped the charming veneer and instead started down a trail of petulance and whining that made Bo look all the better in comparison.

The real blow to Constantine came during last week's show when he decided to try some Black Crowes on for size and utterly, completely blew it. He came off like a run of the mill karaoke singer. But his own performance wasn't the death knell. It was when Bo sauntered up the stage and launced into a power packed "Whipping Post" that Constantine had to know he was going to lose the battle of the rockers. When all was said and done, Bo emerged the hero of the night. Not only was his performace better than anyone else's, he totally kicked Constantine's ass.

So tonight, Constantine really has to bring it if he wants to continue on with this show. Not only does he have to whip out something daring, something rocking, something challenging and rise to all that, but he has to put on his best "ain't I cute" face and ham it up for the teenage girls out there, or their fingers will be dialing someone else's number at the end of the show.

I bet you any any amount of money that, for tonight, Constantine doesn't care about his band back in Jersey and his purpose in being on American Idol. This is all about ego and he's eyeing Bo like Superman eyes Lex Luthor. No, that would be the other way around. Can't you just see Constantine whispering to Bo, Doesn't it give you kind of a shudder of electricity through you to be in the same room with me?

So now that I've totally destroyed any credibility I had with any of you by going on for so long about American Idol, I guess I may as well remind you that I'll be live blogging the Bo and Con show over here at 8pm EST.

[I think it goes without saying that, in the end, Mario and Anwar will be the only guys left standing and both Bo and Constantine will be just fleeting memories.]


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You're right. There's something wrong with you. ;) See ya at 8.

What can Constantine do to remedy the situation, Michele? He never was a "rocker," and he proved that in spades last week. If he can't handle Black Crowes material, what the hell CAN he handle?

And I have to disagree with you a little on Bo. I thought he was just OK on "Whipping Post." I have kind a personal connection to that song, as I used to sing it myself, back in the day. BTW, it has an odd time signature, and it was always hilarious watching people trying to dance to it.

He can't remedy it, Craig. Which is why it will be so entertaining to watch him try.

On the Whipping Post note, part of the reason it was great is because it took balls to come out with a song that probably more than half the audience didn't know.

I agree with you a hundred percent on that, it did take balls, but not as big as the balls on Mr. Federov for trying, and pulling off, a Lou Gramm vocal. That was huge.

Did we watch the same show? Federov totally wrecked the Lou Gramm vocal. I mean, Rummy couldn't call up a bigger bomb than Federov's performance if he wanted to.

I'm with Ian. I thought that was scandalous.

Well for Christ's sake, no-one can actually SOUND like Lou, but although he had a shaky start, he came through and hit all the notes. That took big stones. What can I say, I thought he pulled it off as well one can, given the circumstances.