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137 Days Later: Game On, Again

It may only be spring training to you, but it's revenge time to me.

Yanks v. Sox, tonight.

It's never too early to start sharpening the insults and perfecting the ad hominen attacks. Right, MFRSF?

If you are a Yankee fan (or, by default, a Red Sox and/or Mets hater), see the Penguiin about joining the coaltion of the dark side.


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Easy...easy my vaguely evil Long Island princess (as opposed to my wife, from Garden City, who is, of course, My Long Island Queen).

Let them have the "heh, heh, heh" in Fort Myers tonight. Sheff won't be there, so Matsui is gonna slap them around and make them remember where the tables turn.

Tell 'em turn an eye to the Patriots. That team's already getting broke down.

RSN? Go ahead, bark at RhoidBoy.

Ain't nothing like what we're gonna make him hear.

Have you seen who is pitching? The starters are two guys who will be back on a minor league bus in 2 weeks. From what I've read, many of the starters won't even be there.

We'll see you in April, when it matters.

I'm just warming up for the big show. Rabid fans need some spring training, too!

My own view on this is perverse. I don't even watch much baseball, but I grew up on the south side of Chicago.

Which means the Cubbies and the White Sox are my boys.

Oddly enough, as a south sider, I am, within Chicago city limits, required to despise the Cubs. But outside those city limits, I would have to deny any such thinking to heathens such as yourself, and only note that your vile and wicked Yankees are a blot on the cosmos and must be destroyed.

Boston has had its day in the sun, and now Chicagoans can be said, without dispute, to be the most frustrated fans in all of baseball history.

Die Yankees, die!

(Still love ya though. ;-)

(Take that back...big time Homer Simpson sigh...)

Dean... you hadda walk down that block and become a blithering eejit. Couldn't walk away, stick with you "AIDS ain't HIV" skein....

I may be the LeatherPenguin, but my cousin Bugs the Bunny (we've stopped talking about Greg) has the best riposte:
"You know, of course, this means war."

Let's start to play, Shirll--AYayYay!

Save your bullets, (beloved) Red Sox faithful. Tonight means nothing. The real fun comes in April, when we spoil the (hated) Yankees home opener, and then they come to Boston for the ring ceremony. Yippee!

You chickens***t chowderhead! You're already running away.

You Patroit fans all owe me ten damn dollars each for allowing Andruzzi to cover that skinny man's ass, and a nickel extra for forcing him to Cleveland.

Michele - Did you get my email with the graphic for the t-shirts??

Spring training is all about practice so repeat after me.

wait til next year
wait til next year
wait til next year

see you yankee fan are quick learners. Just keep repeating that to yourselves until you find comfort.

see I didn't even mention that the mets are the best team in NY this year. :)