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Countdown to Steak and BJ Day!

Steak and BJ Day is just two days away. I hope everyone is ready.

Guys, just in case you want to remind your gal with a greeting card:

The winners of the Steak and BJ Day Poetry Contest - in greeting card form.

There were two winners - J.P. and Mark.

The images were taken from my new favorite place on the internet.

[click for bigger]

Feel free to print out and send to a loved one. Or whoever you make your booty calls to.

Also - as a favor to my brother-in-law - I'd just like to clear up a fallacy. It's Steak and BJ Day. Not Steak From BJ's Day. Sorry, sis. Start doing those mouth exercises now.


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The timing couldn't be better. After the kidney removal, that's all she's up for anyway.

well, I got the steak part covered, at any rate.

March 14th is getting really crowded. Now it's:

  • Steak and BJ Day
  • Albert Einstein's birthday
  • Pi (3.1415...) Day (3/14, get it?)

I'd just like to say that 75% of men out there will take a hand job, a back rub, being told that they are rather neat, and a sci fi movie rental in exhcange for the blow job.

Those of you ladies dating porn freaks out there will probably not be able to exercise this option though.

The steak is obviously still mandatory.

Yep. It's hard to think that anything more crass and bullying than St. Valentines day would come along...but it did.

Humans are all damned.

Holy crap, I won!

75% of all men are pussies.

Why should anyone accept 2nd best? Ever? Set goals and achieve them. If you're the kind of guy who would even consider accepting 2nd best, I strongly suggest you never ask me for a job.

You sound like a some boring elitist asshole.

My gonads made me say that.


Slight correction if needed... "I'll make my own ranch" was the original last line...

Any way it's worded, I feel honoured to be a part of your special day!

I feel privileged that my birthday is on Steak and BJ day - and now I know what gifts people should be getting me!