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Can You File For Divorce From a Rock Band?

After watching Some Kind of Monster, I can't even enjoy Metallica's old stuff anymore.

Master of Puppets just came on my Launchast station, and all I could hear was Lars whining like a little bitch.

Finally - my long, drawn out break-up with Metallica is over.


I got over them when they started to cry about people downloading their songs. If you don't want your music downloaded from your webpage, don't put it there. Don't whine and cry and run to the government about it.

I watched it and it made me go back and listen to St Anger, and it still sucked. Oh well.

I haven't been turned off on their old music yet, though. My band was jamming on Friday night and we finally made it all the way through Fade to Black (solos and all) in one take, and we all sort of looked at each other and went, "Whoah...how did we do that? AWESOME!"

Next up, For Whom the Bell Tolls.

Have you ever seen them live, Michele?

They pissed me off, but honestly, I can see where they were coming from - not that it was right, but they weren't trying to be dicks (Lars sure pulled it off though, didn't he?).

St. Anger's material is amazing live - the album stinks because they never bothered to mix it...

Ack, I have just got Some Kind of Monster...doesnt not sound like something I am going to enjoy.

I've never really understood the big deal about Metallica. They've always just bored me. Give me AC/DC or Motorhead any day.


We are outlaws! Badasses! System fighters! Tear down the walls of conformity! We are the antithethis of the Status Quo! We are...huh? Someone's dowloaded MP3's of our legally protected properties? That's a violation of our copyright! That's taking money out of my pocket!

Call the lawyers! Sue!

I could only afford a 27 room mansion this year, and the leather seats on my Gulfstream jet are looking shabby!


They pissed me off, but honestly, I can see where they were coming from - not that it was right, but they weren't trying to be dicks (Lars sure pulled it off though, didn't he?).
It's hard to take their anti-napster whining seriously when Lars copied all of Hetfield's albums back when they were much younger.

The local rock radio station killed Metallica for me (and their asinine justification for opposing napster). I never had to buy or listen to my Metallica cds because the radio would play them pretty much at least once per hour. I never bought Aenema or a perfect circle for the same reasons. (But I still like tool/a perfect circle... just not as much as I used to).

According to the demographic on the IMDB site females 45+ gave it 9.7? I wasn't expecting that.

I'll agree with the mixing comment. I always wondered how it would sound if they remixed it with a bigger, fuller sound, and snares that didn't sound like hail hitting the hood of a car.

And guitars that were crisp instead of sludgy. Even Kill em All was recorded better than that. Hell, even the original Garage Days was better.

I agree 100%, I can't stand their old stuff anymore either.
You want to talk about whining little bitches, Axl Rose takes the cake. I saw Guns N' Roses and Skid Row back in the mid 90's at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin. It's an outdoor venue, and it was drizzling 50 degree rain all frickin' day. That jackass let everyone freeze their tushes off for two hours after Skid Rows set because he wasn't "Emotionally ready" to go on stage, then started insulting the crowd when they left during their set (he was singing like crap on top of it).
I tossed my tapes and CD's that night and no more than the first three seconds of a GnR tune plays on my radio before the station is changed.

Alas, adulthood sometimes sucks. Your heroes turn out to be bitter little posers.

Can't stand that little Lars fuck. Whiney little pisspot. Of course, that made the Camp Chaos animations that much funnier.

It was over when the bus tipped......

It was even more over when they copped the dead guys ride and started metallizin' folk songs.

Now it's just doing the funky chicken until all the volts leave the brain stem.

haven't seen the movie. Basically, by design. Don't wanna get back into an I hate everything about Metallica place...

I was going to gratutiously link my own work and say I still listen, whilest linking to a long rant about the "big four" or metal that I wrote... but why?

If you still listen, you do... if you don't... there's plenty more bands out there.

I have to say that I like everything Metallica have up to and including the Black Album. After that they just lost the plot. Great shame but oh so common.

Meallica to me has always been an eye opener, Some Kind Of Monster was good at that. James puts "himself" in rehab, Lars confronts his father, Kirk tries to keep the band intact, and they get a new bass player. If you think that they're whining and acting like a little bitch then think of it this way... How would you have acted in that same situation?

After their little lawsuit and getting me kicked off Napster, I swore never again to give them a dime of my money. What pissed me off as that I was downloading songs from albums that I had already paid for. Oh I'm so sorry Lars. They didn't have the technology available yet for me to take my 'Master of Puppets' CASSETTE and rip the songs into mp3s. I figured it wasn't any big deal to download 'Trapped Under Ice' since you already got my money for it. Little pretentious prick.

Everything they did after the Black Album sucked ass. EVERYTHING. What killed me was their piss poor reasoning that they were just 'branching out.' Right. Doing covers? Playing with an orchestra? That's called a 'gimmick'.

I remember just recently seeing Scott Ian on VH1's the 'Most Awesomely Bad Love Songs' where they were dissing Cheap Tricks 'The Flame'. He was man enough to say that Cheap Trick was too good to be dissed, but I hardly believe you'll see Anthrax covering 'The Dream Police' anytime soon.

And yes, I know 'Trapped Under Ice' is on 'Ride The Lightning.' I was just making a point.

Er, I have to admit that I rather liked S&M. I thought they should have maybe called it a day after that. But jeez St Anger was crap...wow...

I thought the best part of the movie was Dave Mustaine talking about what dicks James and Lars have always been, and what it meant to him to be kicked out of Metallica. While it's clear to me that Mustaine's not exactly a thick-skinned individual, it's also clear to me that James and Lars are just... douches.

The second best part was Twiggy Ramirez auditioning for bass player... poorly. (On the other hand, Rob Trujillo can play).

After that it's all just one long movie about watching two neurotic losers run out of juice.

I've been listening to people put down metallica for a long time and every time it's the same thing, "they're whining about napster", "they complain about everything", if you had the chance to be one of the most unfluencial heavy metal bands in the world, do you think it would be as easy as you think is? by watching "some kind of monster" it doesn't exactly show they're life as being covered in gold. and we seem to put them down for their success and their failures, so they can't win i guess?


I do not know that word.