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you're the inspiration

One other thing I'm doing today (I've obviously made this a ME day) is taking about two hours out both today and this evening to do some writing. I'll be working on flash fiction, because that's what gets my engine revving, so to speak.

I could use your help, as always. Go here and pick an image (thanks, Skillyz TDRSF). That is an awesome repository of images.

Pick an image, link to it in the comments and I'll see if I can get inspired to write some flash fiction from the pictures. Whatever I write, I'll post.

[Yes, this post has changed from before]

I love the cigarette cards. And the song cover sheets.

Wow. Now I don't know if I want to write or go shoot some pictures.

This is good. I can't stop.


word : parse

image : www.parse.nl/~michiel/ shutthefuckup.jpg

Sorry, but it's one of my favorite sayings. How random was that?

aww, I did the Google search. Damn Feedreader ...

Oh yeah, I can't wait to see what you write about her

Here's my pick.

Loving the old baseball photographs.

This is classic.

Ooo..kewl pic site.

I really liked this. Cause it kinda reminds me of this.