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while i fiddle about

Today is fiddling day.

I put up several new dreams over here, if anyone is interested. I'll probably make a creepy image for the site as well.

I haven't forgotten about the 500 songs annotations. I'll probably get to a dozen or so today. [update: didn't get to it. weather was nice and we ran errands]

I'm deciding what photo to use for the Photo Friday category of obessesion. I'm thinking this one or this one.

I'm thinking of buying Sid Meier's Pirates
. Anyone play this yet? [update: held it in my hands, didn't buy it. it will be my reward when i finish five more chapters of my novel]


Sucka. :)

Sucka. :)

I'm going to hunt down your husband when all my time is sucked away playing this game. He knew damn well what he was doing when he sent that link.

I've got Pirates, and I like it OK. It's basically the old one with more eye candy and a few little additions. If you liked the old one, you'll probably like this one, but you won't be blown away.

And here's a link for that post that you DELETED. I got this pic from that new NYPL archive site - http://unapplied.com/images/windowboy.jpg

I had the first Pirates for the Amiga and loved it. The updated version is well worth it. A little bit more to do, a lot more playable (you use the number pad rather then a joystick), and I forgot the 3rd thing (4 pina coladas). The only down side is that you can pretty much finish a career in a day.

Pirates is good, addictive as hell at first, but kinda got old after a week. Then again I don't have much time for playing games right now so I can't dedicate six-hour sessions to a game.

Still, the best gaming experience since HL2.

I played the Apple IIc version of Pirates nonstop, but currently World of Warcraft is sucking in all my attention.

That and Katamari Damacy for PS2.

I would recommend either, though.

Did you like Pirates Gold more than the original?

I prefer the original pirates on the Amiga over this version but this version is still amazingly great. If you get the limited edition of the game (on DVD) it comes with Pirates Gold (but I dunno how you can slow your CPU so that it operates at a usable speed). The apprentice level is a little too easy and the dancing bit is annoying but it ties in with the game well and makes sense.

I think the best part of this game is the graphics when sailing in the Carribean. I love the sneaking into the city challenge.