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decency quirk

I'm not exactly a prude. I'm against too much FCC regulation and I think parents, not militant organizations should be responsible for what children hear on tv. I curse like a drunken truck driver. I talk openly about sex, sometimes in a really raunchy way. The phrase "decency standards" scares me.

So I'm at a loss as to why, when flipping around the channels the other night, I was horrified to hear the phrase "dry humping on the couch" on some sitcom.

It's been bothering me for days that it's been bothering me. I don't think I would have batted an eyelash if the goofy, airhead character said "I was sucking his dick on your couch," yet the phrase "dry humping" freaked me out.


[Also, and completely off topic, if anyone has written a blog post on the McCain Feingold/Blogs thing and you would like it posted at Command Post, shoot me an email or leave a linkylink]


Maybe it bugged you because you sensed that "dry humping" was probably the Standards and Practices guy's substitute for what was originally written, and it seemed out of place, as euphemisms often do.

I have exactly the same reaction to the phrase "dry humping"--always have, and I'm not sure why. What the will and will not allow to be said on t.v. is so confusingly arbitrary.

I hate dry-humping too. She knows she wants it. Just off with the pants already.

I am so ready for Steak and a BJ day.
Which is coincidentally the day before my anniversary. Woohoo, a twofer!

I don't know why that's freaking you out, either. I wonder if that was Scrubs you hit on? It was on Tuesday and there was indeed a comment about dry humping. It also involved corduroy pants and it was fucking hilarious.

I don't think it's a mystery at all, Michele. I'm the same way, and so are millions of other people. I'ts perfectly normal, and not hypocritical, as many lefties assert, to cuss like a sailor in appropriate circumstances, and to not cuss in inappropriate ones, or to save certain conversations and expressions for the right time.

That was the way decent people used to conduct themselves. My dad once told that a woman should be "a lady in the drawing room and a whore in the bedroom." Leaving aside for the moment the feminist implications, that pretty much says it all.

Craig I think you missed this part:

I don't think I would have batted an eyelash if the goofy, airhead character said "I was sucking his dick on your couch,"

The mystery remains.

The best way to take care of this is to allow the major networks the same freedom as HBO producers.

Bring in the writers of Deadwood to write Raymond, CSI and any other current top rated show. Let's see how many times Raymond can call his brother a "cocksucker" before the first commercial break.

Problem solved.

Geez, if they did that I just might watch an episode of Raymond. Must See TV!

Not sure if my potty mouth is Command Post material, but there it is.

I wrote a little something on the bloggers here, but it may not be up to Command Post standards. You decide.

The problem with the experiment as stated is that it has no controls: Michele says it probably wouldn't have bothered her if the phrase had been "sucked his dick," but there's no way to know that without that phrase being used on a prime-time sitcom, and Michele stumbling across it.

Having said that, I'm inclined to agree with the poster who observed that the disturbance might have been due to the tone-deafness of the permissible phrase relative to what might otherwise have been said. Personally, I would have a problem with "sucked his dick," too, but my reaction would be to watch even less TV than I do, which would be very difficult (thanks to TiVo and the magic of self-selection—insert obligatory mental masturbation joke here).

Now would she have batted an eyelash had the goofy, airhead character said "I was sucking her dick on your couch?"

Oh, wait, wrong thread.

'dry humping' sounds like
something you'd rather not hear
suck his dick instead

couldn't resist.


Encouraged by your blogging efforts, and my complete outrage at McCain/Feingold and the FEC, I've started a blog:


Better hurry before they force me to take it down!

You heard it from the new sitcom Committed, which shows at 9:30pm on Tuesdays.

It's a great new show, though it is a bit edgy. That's one reason that it got the 9:30 slot rather than 8pm. Personally, I love this show for subtle and not-so-subtle humor - which means that it will be cancelled because any show that I really like always is.

The phrase surprised me a little too, but I just let it wash over me.

Also, the show is being run out of order. It's about the relationship being formed between two quirky people. Each episode almost stands on its own, but it seems like they cherry-picked some episodes to run early on in hopes of gathering viewers.

Thus, they were dry-humping on the couch now, and several of the supporting characters met for the first time. They had serious sex a few weeks back, and the supporting characters all knew each other. It's a little strange.