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♪ The Friday Five ♪

Five songs for you - tried to give you a varied and eclectic bunch to welcome your weekend.

Nick Cave - Papa Won't Leave You Henry (Download)
I had a near religious experience watching Nick play this live. It's the kind of song that should be sung in a dingy bar with 200 drunken sailors all waving around bottles of rum and dancing on the tables.

Clutch - Shogun Named Marcus (Download)
One can never have enough Clutch in their lives, especially on a Friday. I've always described them as Frank Zappa meets early Black Sabbath. It's as close as I can come to defining them at all. (Also, the site's current tagline comes from this song).

Brand New - Play Crack The Sky (download)
No, I'm still not over my obsession with Brand New. This is a five minute metaphor, done acoustically and played out beautifully.

Head Automatica - Beating Heart Baby (download)

UPDATE: Had the wrong song here before - this is the right one.

I love this band because I love Daryl (who also sang with Glassjaw, an ASV favorite). The song itself reminds me of a 70's pop tune, but in a good, Teen Beat-ish way. Makes me want to stand in the audience of one of their shows and scream like a lovesick puppy.

Faith No More - Ricochet (Download)
Yea, it's not secret that I think FNM is the greatest band to ever walk the face of this earth in the history of all time, past present and future, bar none - but I don't think I've really given enough love to the King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime album. It's always funny until someone gets hurt...And then it's just hilarious!

If you do download the songs, let me know what you think. You know - it's got a good beat and I can dance to it - I give it a seven!


Update - All downloads have expired (as they always do after 24 hours. If you really, really want one of these songs, email me. Look for the Sunday Six, which generally follows Friday Five by two days).


Michele, you've introduced me to so much good music, I just have to say "THANK YOU!" Last night I took my kids at karate. Natch, I had my Rio going while I did homework to pass the time and every so often, I hit a song that totally blew me away, one that I hadn't heard enough to know it right away, one that made me grab my player and look up the tag. Invariably, it was one I had downloaded from you. With the exception of FNM, these are all listens for me.

Nick Cave - Oddly enough, I can almost see the group of drunken sailors singing this song! I have a sudden urge for a tankard of ale.

Clutch - Not sure I can describe them on the merits of one song but I'm hooked. I want more! This one fits my mood perfectly tonight. Growly, pounding, driving ... oh yeah, I'm there.

Brand New - Love acoustic and, though this is new for me, it feels familiar. Not in a cliched way, though ... just something I relate to on some level. I like.

Head Automatica - hmm, I got 'Dance Party Plus' ... was that the right download? Anyway, I'm groovin'. Not exactly 70's pop, it leans more toward 80's new wave/dance, but harder.

FNM! Through each incarnation, they found something unique to offer. This is a great song, Michele. Bittersweet ending.

Our tastes are similar but you've got some kickass stuff I don't. A music collection is a very personal thing and I want to thank you for sharing yours with us.

Ahh! Beating of your Heart, catchy but not in an annoying earworm way. Thanks for this!

"raises a glass of Shiraz to you"

are you one of dem red lipped women wit greasy fists? If so, get down from the ceiling. Now!

that's probably the best description of clutch I've ever heard...

I'm working on ASV mix #3... 1/2 an hour of music now.

Clutch - OH YEAH!
FNM - after The Real Thing, I stopped caring with VERY few exceptions.. and I'm still pissed they haven't released Live at Brixton in the U.S.
Nick Cave - can't go wrong with Nick. Henry's hero... does that say it all? Great selection, too! ("I thought about my friend Michele!")
Head - uh... different? not my thing.. but ok.
Queens - ok song, weak band.
Brand New - they remind me of someone on this track and I'm having a very hard time placing it.... Randy Rhoades in the "Dee" sessions, maybe? I'm not sure.

thanks! (now that I have a DSL, I actually download them, too!)

hey i LOOVEE the head automatica song beating hearts baby. i noticed you posted it on here for download in march. is there anyway you could send it to me?? i would appreciate it SO much, i absolutely love that song. thank you!