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Friday Open Discussion

Topic: Zombies


Why do I always feel like a zombie at work on Friday?

It's pink eye...

The cocktail or the walking dead?

Zombies don't get a lot of credit these days. Everyone thinks we are slow and stupid, and that scary monsters like werewolves are much more frightening. But seriously doesn't anyone remeber Thriller? We zombies can dance; we should get some monster props for that. And how scary can werewolves be, really, when you think about the fact that Michael Jackson himself was a werewolf in that video? Come on, the guy's a total freak.

Like is just not fair. Neither is un-life.

Finally got to see Shaun of the Dead last week. Hilarious!

I'm looking forward to the Stubbs the Zombie game (summer 2005 release)


Sure there the living dead, but they sure do a good job at smoothing out the ice...

Whoops I'm thinking of thier cousins... the Zombonies.

Anyone seen my brain?

I left it on the lunch table and when I came back it was gone.

My aunt was an extra who got eaten in the original Dawn of the Dead.

SO, do you mean the creepy slow moving kind like in living dead? Or the fast as hell scary kind in 28 days? If Doom 2 taught me anything, it's that they're fun to shoot - particularly with a double barrel 12 gauge.

Rod Argent has always been one of my favorite rock keyboardists...

My aunt was an extra who got eaten in the original Dawn of the Dead.

And there's the pitch, a fat, slow meatball right across the plate...

Skillzy, it looked more like an ephus pitch to me, looks easy to hit it out of the park, but you'll probably end up whiffing or popping up.

Can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em either...

Haha,God you are all so screwed,I equip my zombie army with HELMETS!!!! Kevlar helmets no less.May not do much good against a good cricket bat,but forget the "shoot 'em in the head' move.Bow before mow,it's OK.

it would be cool if we could use zombies in warfare....they'd be (nearly) unstoppable. when people think zombies, they only think of the downsides....like having their brains eaten.

I thought all the zombies were busy taking over a high school in Ky. After all, some poor kid got tossed in jail for it.

(Hope you all saw that TRUE story a week or so ago.)