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day made

Went to Friday's for lunch. Ordered a glass of wine. Got ID'd.



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Heh. It seems that Michele was carded for alcohol today. Nevermind that, at 42, she's twice the legal limit. Wait. Perhaps I should re-phrase that, so she doesn't sound so old. Eh, too late.r Anyways, it got me thinking... now, I've ... [Read More]


That must've felt good! :)

Shaved off me goatee, got carded for cigarettes. :) 39


you know what would make my day? You already know I'm gonna say it; say it with me:

A flame-thrower.

Good for you, but do they card everyone? I thought I was looking young at a local grocery store chain. Then I found out they were carding everyone no matter how old they looked like. If a 60-year old man was buying some burbon he was carded just like 30-year old me.

They didn't card the people I was with.

Stop trying to harsh my mellow, Sean.

Hi. My name is Dean and I keep leaving off topic and near insane comments on this blog.

I'm a jackass, so just ignore me.

Oh, my IP I'm using right now is

Did I mention I'm a jackass.

HUGE, HUGE jackass. We're talking complete fucking asshole.

Thanks, Dean. I'll be looking for your jackassery in the future, and will think fondly of you whenever someone acts like a dork.

(Great edit, Michele.)

Ooh, now we see the violence inherent in the system!

Help! Help! I'm being repressed!

Dun-n-Buried -- REAL asshat

i have one that's just as bad:

way back when i was 30, i got carded to see an R-rated movie. the movie in question? Rushmore. no tits. no grisly deaths. still carded.

wait, there's another one:

way way wayyyy back when i was 24, i got carded to buy a CD with explicit lyrics. i was older than the counter person who carded me. the CD? NWA - efil4zaggin (niggaz 4 life).

Maybe the server wanted to see if you were THE Michele Catalano of ASV and Red Sox Hat Cleavage fame.

Oh and your train story made my buddy the Hardheaded Little Cannoli all weepy. She's a toughie from the Bronx, so that's saying a lot. Finding her true love online (Yahoo, not AOL) has really turned her into a wuss.

Fondly remembers the days of being unnecessarily carded....it lifts the spirits like nothing else.

So how much were you and your companions giggling while you rifled through your purse to find your ID?


38/ still get carded. Used to bug me - starting to appreciate it now.

I got carded last summer, last time I bought wine, too. I think I offered to name my next child after the clerk. Whoops.

Congrats! That's cause for more drinkin' to celebrate...

About 7 years ago - when I was 31 - some punk in the grocery store asked me if I wanted to use my AARP discount. I just gave him a WTF? look and shook my head. At the time people who knew me said I looked like I was barely old enough to drink. Today people think I am about 24 until I tell them I am 38.

Wow! Must have been that quest for magic post you did earlier. I'm impressed Are you Genie or Samantha?

Woo hoo!

Seriously, the only time I have ever been carded in my life was when I was about 25. It was by a grocery clerk who had been selling me beer for about three years, and one day said "I suppose I should check your ID sometime."

Last year, I was 29 (I still am) I was carded for beer at the local "Beer Store" (it's a Canadian thing). After showing the clerk my ID he said "Sorry Ma'am..." I'm not sure what was more insulting - being called ma'am or being ID'ed.

went to see my friends band wednesday at the same place MY band plays, and got carded by the new door guy. Of course i didn't have the ID on me. I never do. But i was rescued by a laughing bartender who shooed the nuisance away.

I'm from the other side of the pond. I've never been asked for ID to buy or order booze. At the moment I look exactly as old as I am: 35, but when I was 17 I looked about 14. The only time I got thrown out of a pub was when I was fifteen. The guy on the door just said to me and my mates, "Sorry, lads" and pointed to the "25 and over only" sign.

I was at my niece's 18th birthday bash in a pub ages ago. She came back with a round of drinks looking absolutely scandalised. "They carded me!" she cried. "I've been coming here for four years: you'd think they'd know me by now!"

I don't know if things have tightened up, but there was always a very lax attitude towards underage drinking in the UK. I think the reasoning went that since kids were going to do it anyway, better have them do it somewhere with a little bit of adult oversight.