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[insert growling noise here]

For anyone who didn't read this morning's post and is getting some kind of javascript message that looks like a virus or redirect on this site, please take the advice here. Thanks. Really, all you have to do is clear your java cache and it will go away. If that's too much of a problem for you, then don't come back, k? Stop acting like I ate your fucking babies.

And jesusonapogostick, people. No, I am not "getting paid" for having this crap on my site. Seriously. To anyone who sent an email asking me that, I hope your dick falls off. Or whatever appendage you use the most.

I'm in a seriously rotten mood today and I find myself staring wistfully out the window at the deli across the street and its big ad for cigarettes. I'm having wet dreams about the Marlboro man. I'm dangerously close to lighting up after seven weeks of being smoke free.

I am thisclose to losing it today and this god damn javafuckingvirus or whatever it is on my site is putting me over the edge. I'm in a bad, bad place right now. We're talking water towers, machine guns and several bottles of Jack Daniels.

Must find happy place.

[And listening to Sick of it All is really helping me move along here]


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First of all, DON'T YOU DARE LIGHT UP!!!!!!

Second of all, I've been there. I once activated a virus on my computer that got shipped out to a mailing list I was on. Holy frijoles, by reading the replies, you would think I was Death and Doom Made Flesh or something. They got over it and folks here will too.

Third, don't you dare light up!

hope this helps:


One fscking day at a time. Just not today. [hug]

don't do it!!! think of how much of a slave you'll be... again!

BTW: SoA rawks!

if you light up, I will too.. then it will all be on you... it'll be all your fault!

(just tryin the guilt thing!)

I am confused. There are two possibilities when a site you visit has a virus. You have an up-to-date virus checker and it catches it or you don't and it screws your system. If the former, no problem, your virus checker proved its worth. If the latter, what did you expect? Viruses would automatically know your technically naive and leave you alone? Everybody else scans for viruses so you will be safe?

What the f*ck do thay have to complain about?

I'm sure we all have virus horror stories. My claim to fame is being to cause of several thousand computers at my company (from CEO on down) getting the I Love You virus. Well, I thought someone loved me.

JimK- good point!

On the plus side the fact that you are not super prophylacticated against virii means you probably don't surf a lot of free porn.

On the other side you know we love you anyway.

` yes, officer - Michele did say something about machine guns, jack daniels, and water towers before she left, but I thought she was being metaphorical about it ... '


Whenever I feel the need for a spiritual lift, I always go to the video. That should help a bit.

Don't make me get all punk Barney on you...

I use Firefox, so I guess I'm missing out on the Java-fueled craziness, I haven't seen anything. My question is, how does it get on your web server? Did you get it on your PC at home and then your browser was somehow able to push it to the server? Or it somehow got stuck to MT? I know you probably don't know and don't care, but a commenter probably does.

Oh, and, um, smoking is bad! Don't do it! I'm sure that hearing it from me will be what gets you over the hump. Have you tried a pipe? Get one of those big Sherlock Holmes ones. You'd look like a serious writer then, like Iowahawk.

jsut logged in for the first time today, and My virus scan detected 4 trojans (not the condoms)

took care of it. No biggie.

Humn ... I could send you a clip of my TWO dancing Elmos, but I don't know if that would make you laugh, or send you over the edge. I know which direction it would send me. I could do a whole emo Elmo thing, knife in hand ...

Skillzy - same here - Firefox isn't showing anything, although yesterday for a couple of minutes when I'd try to open up comments, I'd get an error message...something referring to 'too many connections" "too many open connections"...? something along those lines. I closed that browser and opened a new window and didn't get the error message after that.

For whatever that's worth.

Michele - sorry you are having such a rotten time of it lately. Hang in there. The video Solonor posted was very interesting - I'd love to know the story on that. Is it for real?

These two always make me giggle:




Let me know which water tower. I think we could set up a crossfire. Dueling Snipers, cue banjo.

The only thing worse than not using is using. Although it may not seem like it right now . . .

I feel like such a failure. I couldn't even catch the computer virus. sigh. Running Netscape, or even when I opened up IE. I looked in the java cache like Staci said, and i.got.NOTHIN!

boo hoo. Wah. Waaaaahhhhh.

cant do anything right </snark>

You ate my babies!!!!! So that's where they went.

Just kidding.

Seriously, thanks! Clearing the Java cache was easy as pie on my home machine. I use Firefox anyway, so nothing much happened except that stupid red window popped up once.

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