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[insert rant placeholder here]

Bill Would Hold Game Makers Accountable For Players' Actions

I'll have more on this later. Right now, I'm having one hell of a morning. Week. Year. The stress will kill me before I even have a chance to kill someone else (after playing Metal Gear Solid, of course).


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De link, she broke.

Sounds psycho, though.

Oh crap, there's a penguin, I was playing Crash Bandicoot the other year, so I just can't help myself from kicking it.

I find this part of the article funny...

Supporters of the bill, like Bill Hanson with the Washington Police and Sheriff's Association, say "kids" are getting the games, and they're becoming desensitized.

"If you sit up and watch this and play these games over and over again... it seems that this is alright to walk up and hit a police officer over the head with a bat," Hanson said.

Um, yeah, if you're a police officer that supports this bill, then maybe getting hit with a bat isn't such a bad idea, moron.

How about parental responsability? Most of the games they whinge about have an 18 rating. So they children should not have a copy of them in the first place. What is it with idiot loser pols picking on computer games?

Who am I to complain. Why, Big Brother knows best. He always has my best interests in mind.

This is the most jack-assinine thing I've heard of in a while and it's one of the things that drives me freakin' crazy. What this really is, is another piece of nanny-state regulation that further erodes our rights by taking away the burden of responsibility.

The way I see it, if they get shit like this through the legislature and it passes the smell test with the SCOTUS (not too hard these days with our Eurocentric justices), then they've opened another avenue to regulate (read dictate) how we live our personal lives. It's like the smoking bans, those started as simple regulations forcing restaurants to provide non-smoking areas for their clientele, but look at the progression:

Whiny Bitch: Cigarette smoke ruins my meals and it's bad for you too, make it go away.
Mr. Politician:Let's pass a bill to discourage it by restricting where you can smoke in restaurants.
Whiny Bitch: Yeah! I'll vote for that! But hey, some people are still smoking - they even seem to be enjoying themselves!?
Mr. Politician: Can't have that, we'll pass more legislation banning it from public spaces, *For the Children* don't ya' know.
Whiny Bitch: Hey! They're still smoking over there and there and - OMG! Is that person smoking within 300 feet of a child? Oh the humanity!!
Mr. Politician: Well let's just pass laws against allowing you to smoke in restaurants, bars, rental cars and homes with children in them, schools (of course), hospitals, churches, synagogues, parks, playgrounds, sporting arenas, and anywhere else we can think of that a person might go to enjoy themselves. And if that doesn't work maybe we just start shooting every third smoker in the head until the rest of you get with the program. Not to worry though, we just want what's best for everybody. After all it's *For the Children*

Bah, fucking life nazis. Get a grip, get laid, just get the fuck away from me and let me play GTA:Vice City some more.

Personal responsibility flew out the window the second that lady put a cup of McDonald's hot coffee between her legs. It's been downhill from there.

It's like the kids who mouth off and are violent at school, knowing the teachers can't do anything physical back to them. If kids think they can get away with it and have someone else take the blame, they're more likely to do the deed, so I would see such a bill as having an opposite effect.

I know if the video game industry was taking all the legal responsibility back when I was gowing up, I would have spent a lot more time in farmer's fields jumping on mushrooms and throwing turtle shells.

Can I ask a question that has always been nagging me? A partisan question, btw...

Why isn't this insidious influence on kids not more the focus of the social Conservative groups like Dobson's Focus On the Family?

Researching a blog post, I found that anyone with a credit card can go to the Wal Mart website and purchase the new Grand Theft Auto game!

The lawyer in me wants to know how this would work in practice. We talking strict liability, so all the plaintiff would have to show is (a) the punk played the game and (b) the punk was violent? Or do we have to prove more than that? Do you have to actually play the game, or is merely being present in a location where the game was present enough. If I'm in Michele's living room while she plays and then I whack the cop with a bat, is the game manufacturer liable if I never play it myself?

The human with a clue part of me says these legislators need a whack over the head with a cluebat. And you can't blame videogames, rock music, my parents, Michele, George W. Bush, chemical substances, grey aliens, or Doctor Bong for the whacking with said bat.

So, if this law gets enacted, I get reimbursed for having to pay for smashing that table tennis setup in Jody's Pub back in 1994, right?

I mean, it was obviously all that time I spent playing Pong that buried that thought in my skull.

And "dan," that better not have been one of my relatives you swung that foot at, jack!

Guh, this is horribly stupid. And in my state, no less.

I shot off an email to the excellent, smart, sane Dem. representative of mine who I helped get elected this last election. I'll see what the response is. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't support this, but we'll see. I'm also asking for an opinion on whether this actually has any chance of passing. I'm guessing not.

Yes, we need to cull this one asap. If it gets any legs some arsehat in the EU will get wind of it and try it out in Brussels.